It’s safe to say that Jake Paul and Alissa Violet‘s relationship may go down in history as one of the messiest of all times. Now, the YouTuber is finally spilling the tea on what went down between them.

For those who missed it, the social media star is gearing up to release his new single, “These Days,” which drops on December 13 and is seemingly about Alissa. Jake teased the upcoming song alongside a snap of him and his ex-girlfriend on December 3, and ever since then, fans have been pretty excited to hear it.

In a tell-all video posted on Tuesday, December 10 called “The truth about Alissa Violet,” the influencer decided to break down the lyrics to his new tune, and in doing so he divulged a lot on the relationship.

“I made [‘These Days’] after a breakup. It was kind of talking about how a lot of times in the relationship that I just got out of and previous ones that I’ve been in, the girls would always have too much pride, their egos would be too big,” he explained. “I tried to always be the one in the relationship that didn’t have as big of an ego or as much pride. I try to be the bigger person, but a lot of times in the relationship I got fed up.”

Jake Paul and Alissa Violet

Although the controversial star claimed that the song was about a bunch of his past relationships, a few particular lines were specifically about his romance with Alissa.

“You complain about my distance / We a flight away / For the night you stay / Get your mind off things / Got a man back home / So this ain’t right, you say,” the lyrics read. “That’s all right with me / But we grown now we alone now / Lemme show you wassup.”

“This is basically talking about a long distance relationship that I had when I first moved to Los Angeles with a girl who I’m sure you all know — Alissa Violet,” Jake revealed. “That’s my ex. It’s kind of talking about the scenario because I was in LA and she was in Cleveland. We were just in this long distance relationship and I was kind of seeing other people, and she was kind of seeing other people, and she would always be like, ‘I want to come out there, you’re so far away. I don’t get to see you, this long distance relationship is hard.’ But I would always be like, ‘Yo, I can get you a flight.’ So sometimes I would get her a flight to come out to see me. At the time, she was seeing this other guy, I think his name was Jake actually too … Eventually we got more serious and she came out to LA, apartment in need and the rest is history.”

Jake Alissa

As fans know, Alissa ended up moving into the Team 10 house, and after that, they seemed to be couple goals. The two stars documented their entire relationship on social media, and they seriously seemed picture perfect. Until one day, when the blonde beauty uploaded a video to Snapchat of all of her stuff packed up. She claimed that Jake had kicked her out of the house and that she had nowhere to live. Jake later accused Alissa of cheating on him via Twitter (with his own brother, Logan), but Alissa claimed that the relationship was never even real. She said Jake had “girl after girl over every single night in front of [her].”

Alissa later uploaded her own tell-all video where she told her side of the story. In the video, she claimed that Jake played extreme mind games with her and that she’d cry herself to sleep every night of their relationship. After that, Alissa moved on with Faze Banks. Everyone thought the drama had finally ended, but when Jake uploaded a video claiming that his assistant Megan was assaulted by the rapper, things got even worse. Alissa and Faze denied these allegations, and even had multiple witnesses back up their claims that he was innocent. Alissa then opened up about her own physical abuse, which she claimed she suffered from while dating Jake. He denied these allegations.

Jake Alissa

“Remember the times in Ohio / When I always said that I wouldn’t forget you,” Jake sings in another line of the song. “I get my pride in the mix all the time / But won’t lie girl I’ll tell you, ‘I miss you.'”

“With Alissa, I would be in LA and I would text her like, ‘Yo, I’m still going to ride for you, it doesn’t matter if we’re apart.’ And I would go home and be like, ‘I’m not going to forget you I’m going to bring you up with me,’ and that’s what ended up happening,” Jake shared. “The song’s about pride and the song’s about ego but sometimes my own ego would get in the way of certain situations. You mess up in relationships sometimes and all you need is a little bit of forgiveness. I find that if you can forgive somebody, that’s the ultimate thing that you can do in a relationship. I’ve messed up before and I’m like, ‘Yo, I messed up but I’m here and I’m asking for forgiveness.’ I’ve gone through some hard times — moving to LA, long distance relationships, focusing on my career, growing and growing and growing. But then sometimes you forget about the people that you started with.”

“I’m growing up and becoming more mature in my relationships, but I’ve definitely made mistakes before. I still love you and you still love me. Even though whatever happened, I’m still going to be here for you if you want to get away from your regular life and just talk and get down,” Jake added. “When I get out of these relationships, at first there’s an animosity but then I’m like, ‘Yo, I want this person to do well.’ … I still love these people and I want them to do well. I’m always going to pick up the phone. If I ever date somebody and I enter into a relationship with them, I want there to be a relationship on some level forever. So I want to be there for them, for that person.”

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