Jake Paul might be floundering after his split from Disney Channel but his ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet is thriving. These two had a major falling out and when I say major I mean, mega major. In case you missed the saga, Alissa and Jake seemed like the perfect couple via Instagram. But, in real life, that wasn't the case. Alissa totally exposed Jake for cheating on her, telling her he loved her and then bringing home other girls amongst many other things.

Alissa moved out of the Team 10 house and for awhile, no one knew what she was going to do next. Now, she's got a new boyfriend and new music with RiceGum which some say is a total diss track to Jake and his crew. And her boyfriend, FaZe Banks, is nothing but supportive. He also can't help but post the cutest pics when he's with his girl. Banks posted a photo on Twitter with the caption, "Life's pretty great right now. Can't complain."

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Alissa isn't afraid to publicize their relationship either. This is what you call real love, PEOPLE. She tweeted a message that was so clearly about Banks reading, "I honestly have no idea what I did to deserve this boy."

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Following that up with two pictures of the two kissing or more like licking each other's tongues. Yes, it seems bizarre but in an odd way, these two are literally adorably perfect for one another. She captioned the pics, "Yummy? @Banks."

So, where is Jake during all of this? Dealing with the Disney drama, of course. Lots of people are saying that he was let go from his show Bizaardvark after reports surfaced that his neighbors complained about the Team 10 house behavior, although Jake has said his decision to part ways with the network was mutual and not negative in the slightest. But Jake has been at the center of some controversial antics recently that probably didn't overlap with the Disney Channel brand. During one leaked video, he was seen pushing Tessa Brooks to the ground after he lost a game. Tessa's boyfriend, Chance Sutton, had to catch her fall. He's also had public fights with his brother, Logan Paul, and Alissa has spoken about the emotional abuse she dealt with during her relationship with Jake.

Obviously, all of this could be diluted and lost in translation from what we see on YouTube to what actually happened in real life. But, Alissa's account about what he did to her mentally seemed authentic and genuine. All of that isn't a good look for a Disney Channel star. And while Jake holds to the story that they mutually split, he's still dealing with the wrath of fans who believe he was legit fired from the show.

Alissa, on the other hand, is living her best life. Not only does she have Banks now but she's also traveling, making music with RiceGum and not looking back at her days with Team 10. It's only up from here and all we can say to that is you GO, girl!

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