YouTubers Jake Paul and FaZe Banks have been battling it out on social media, and it sure ain't pretty. TBH we can hardly keep up with who-said-what and what's-the-latest, not to mention what-is-real and what-is-not. To simplify it all, we're breaking down all the drama between the two internet sensations. But brace yourself, there's been a lot of feuding.

FaZe began dating Jake's ex-girlfriend, Alissa Violet.

FaZe and Alissa Violet are the real deal. The couple confirmed their relationship in June 2017 and they spend tons of time together, casually messing around with each other and showing off their relationship to the world. But before FaZe, Alissa was with another YouTube star, and things didn't end too well.

Jake and Alissa's relationship was caustic and convoluted. Jake was allegedly verbally — and on a few occasions, physically — abusive towards Alissa. The couple broke up back in February 2017. After leaving the Team 10 house, she called him out for cheating and playing with her emotions. The ex-girlfriend even has permanent scars on her arms that she claims are from a time Jake pushed her into a bush.

Jake accused FaZe of assaulting his assistant Meg and cheating on Alissa.

Last week, Jake uploaded a YouTube video titled "My assistant was assaulted…," claiming FaZe cheated on Alissa and assaulted Jake's assistant Meg at a nightclub in Los Angeles.

Jake, Meg, Erika Costell, and Anthony Trujillo accused FaZe of clotheslining Meg, putting her in a headlock, and dragging her to where he was hanging out, leaving her with a bruise on her neck.

FaZe shared his side of the story.

Later that day, FaZe responded with his side of the story in a video titled "My girlfriend was assaulted…" on YouTube. FaZe is outraged by the accusation, and enlisted a couple other friends who were with him that night to explain his version of what went down. According to FaZe, Jake's story was completely fabricated. Though he doesn't know if he bumped into Jake's assistant or hurt her by accident, he is absolutely positive that he did not intentionally assault her. Alissa and FaZe share that they are getting authorities involved.

"Ninety-nine percent of what this kid said in his video was absolutely fabricated and not true," FaZe explained. "It's gotten to the point where this needs to be pursued legally." The YouTuber called the claim "defamation of character and slander to the highest degree." He also cited evidence that Meg first called the event an accident, and only changed her side of the story later.

Jake got pretty quiet about the situation on social media.

Jake has been relatively silent on social media since the original videos. However, he did share a short video the following day on Twitter saying, "there’s always something positive to be proud of, no matter what people are saying about you."

Jake and FaZe planned to meet with each other, but without the general public.

FaZe took to Twitter to let his fans know that Jake had reached out to him, and that they would be settling the dispute privately.

Jake also posted a vlog about meeting with FaZe in person. "We want to handle it and be good examples for you guys, and show you that we should be handling this situation in person and not talking over social media," he explained. "We're going to meet as soon as possible."

Jake's assistant scrubbed at her neck bruise to prove that it's real.

When the controversy continued, Meg posted a video of herself scrubbing her neck with a makeup-remover wipe to prove that the bruise is legit. She wrote, “I respect both groups working to turn this into something positive. For those saying the bruise is fake, I felt the need to protect myself.”

Though we haven't seen any tapes yet, FaZe claimed that security footage from the nightclub will prove his innocence.

FaZe asserted that though the footage from the club can't be legally shown to his followers until he gets a subpoena, the club security reviewed the tapes and found no indication that he assaulted Meg or kissed any girls.

Former Team 10 members came forward to slam Jake and support FaZe.

Earlier this week, in a video titled "PROOF I'M INNOCENT," FaZe interviewed Max Beaumont, a former member of Team 10 who was there when everything went down. Max left the team so that he could reveal his side of the story. Max has been friends with Meg for seven years, but felt he needed to speak out due to the weight of the allegations.

Max didn't see FaZe kiss any girls or behave aggressively. Max recalls that Meg did tell him that she'd been clotheslined by FaZe that night, but that she deemed it an accident. "I believe that, if anything, you accidentally bumped into her. I can't explain the bruise and she's my best friend for seven years so it's so hard for me to say this," Max explained. "But the way I saw you that night, I don't see how it's a possibility that you went from this nice guy who came over and gave me a hug someone who started swinging at her afterward."

In addition to Max, other former Team 10 members, like Alissa and Neels Visser have supported FaZe too.

So that meeting might be canceled.

If we had to guess, we bet that Jake and FaZe probably won't meet anymore. In his video, FaZe warns that he'll be suing Team 10 for defamation and an attempt to ruin his career.

Jake's and FaZe's influencer groups are about to become direct competitors.

FaZe is in the process of starting #CloutGang, a clique of web stars that seems to have been started in response to this situation with Team 10 and Jake Paul. Like Team 10, #CloutGang will be a social media talent group and management company. However, #CloutGang strives to be more genuine than Team 10, claiming they will never fake relationships or drama.

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