Tensions have been undoubtedly high between Jake Paul, his ex Alissa Violet and her boyfriend FaZe Banks.

Over the weekend, the three got into a war with one another after the former Bizaardvark star stated that fellow social media star FaZe Banks had injured his assistant in a video.

Matters only escalated after the parties involved shared their recollections of the incident on their YouTube accounts. Alissa and FaZe Banks went on to state that they had contacted the authorities to help them deal with this matter, and were also looking to pursue legal action against Jake – suing him for defamation of character and libel.

Since then, Jake had remained silent on social media. His older brother Logan Paul, spoke out on in defense of his sibling in his vlog and on Twitter with some humor by writing, “Regarding the situation with my bro.. I think everyone involved just needs to take a deep breath & take the survey.”

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FaZe Banks then shared his thoughts on Logan’s defense of Jake by tweeting, “I'm not surprised Logan is supporting his brother through this, any good brother would do that. I'd do that. I don't knock him for it.”

Not so long after that tweet was sent out, Jake broke his social media silence by sharing a video of himself where he talked about staying strong in the face of any struggles that come his way. He also told fans, “there’s always something positive to be proud of, no matter what people are saying about you.”

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Many were quick to assume this video was a response to everything that had been going on, and perhaps it might have been. Not too long after the video went viral, FaZe Banks went back on social media to let his followers know that Jake had reached out to him, and they would be settling this matter privately. He wrote, “Uploaded a video just in response to Logans. Jake reached out through text and we're gunna handle it in person, offline from here on out.”

Luckily there has been some resolution to the issue at hand. Hopefully all parties involved will resolve the matter quickly, respectfully, and of course privately.

If you or someone you know have been victims of assault please call the hotline 1-800-656-HOPE (4673)

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