There's been a lot going on between Alissa Violet and Jake Paul lately. Now, we've finally got the real story – or her side of it at least.

It seems like these two were constantly being referred to as #GOALS or #RELATIONSHIPGOALS on social media. Fans were so obsessed with this relationship that Jake and Alissa even had a ship name, Jalissa. Not only did they make cute videos together but they also lived in the same house with all of their friends in Los Angeles. It seems like a total dream, right? Nothing could be better than spending day after day goofing around with your boyfriend and your friends in a mega mansion with no parents around.

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However, the way that Jake and Alissa portrayed their life together on social media wasn't exactly the truth. Alissa just shared a video, a confessional video if you will, that totally exposed Jake and everything he did to her behind-the-scenes. It's been a couple of months since Alissa moved out of Jake's house because he accused her of cheating on him. Now, she claims that he was emotionally abusive, cheated on her all the time and she would cry herself to sleep night after night because of his words.

The details are incredibly sad.

Talking to over one million subscribers, Alissa wrote a message underneath her video and said, "
Hey guys.

I know you've all been wanting to know my side of the drama that's been going down lately, so here it is. Being 100% honest. It was really difficult for me to sit down and pour my heart out to you guys, so please just understand that I needed to get everything off of my chest."

The video got even more intense. She said, "He told me he loved me one night and then a couple days later he flew out this girl from Ohio…and was [hooking up with' her for like a week."

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Alissa continued, "He knew exactly what he was doing to me. He would play all these mind games. He would literally tell me he loved me one day, then tell me he hates my f*cking guts the next day. […] I was literally insane. I couldn’t even think straight. I would go upstairs to my bathroom or bedroom and just cry myself to sleep night after night.

Now, looking back at this whole situation, I really don’t know if I loved him. I don’t know how I could love a person that treats someone like that. I don’t know if I was in love with him, or the idea of him, or who I thought he was. I think I was just addicted to the pain of wanting someone so unattainable. I just loved getting hurt by him — that’s how much I cared about him."

She goes into more detail during the 18-minute video and we're actually really upset for her, to be honest. Alissa had to act like she didn't care or that he wasn't doing this stuff behind-the-scenes so that their relationship in front of the camera and on social media would look perfect. It's totally messed up.

Finally, she has gotten away from the abuse and the whole situation. If this all really is true, then we're so glad she did. There's no telling what Jake is going to say or do after he sees this video because it sure does not put him in a good light. Only time will tell if he feels the need to tell his side of the story.

One thing is for sure, Jalissa is dunzo. And we're thinking it's forever this time.

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