Is there trouble in paradise between Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau? On Tuesday, December 3, the 22-year-old social media star took the internet by storm when he took to Instagram and posted a steamy photo almost locking lips with ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet. Fans are wondering if there’s anything romantic going on between them.

“What I never got to say,” the social media star captioned the picture in which they’re wearing matching #Jalissa sweatshirts. “‘These Days’ [sic] December 13th.”

This Instagram post came just after Tana posted a picture on Instagram of her hanging out with Alissa along with a video of her and Jake on her Instagram Stories on Monday, December 2. After years of drama, it looks like these three might be on are totally on good terms.

While some people are hesitant to believe anything is going on between Alissa and Jake, others know that he admitted to Entertainment Tonight back in September that him and Tana have an open relationship, so it wouldn’t be the craziest thing.

“Since the start of our relationship it’s been, like, an open type of thing because that’s just how we both are,” he explained.

After further investigation, it seems like there’s nothing to be worried about. The YouTube star is dropping a new song on Friday, December 13 called “These Days” seemingly about his rocky relationship with his ex-girlfriend.

For those who don’t know the pair parted ways back in 2018 after a huge cheating scandal between Alissa and The Paul Brothers. This past July, fans thought there was bad blood between Alissa and Tana when she broke up with her boyfriend of two years, FaZe Banks. It was speculated they were no longer together because he admitted to hooking up with the blonde beauty before their relationship. Although they both claimed publicly she had nothing to do with the breakup, the internet still believed the blonde beauty was somehow involved. Rumors were squashed on October 31 when they shared their friendship with the world. Alissa posted a video alongside Tana looking super cozy while posing for the camera in their Halloween costumes before falling out of view.

Only time will tell if Jana should be really worried about Jalissa coming back!

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