They were besties and they wanted the world to know it. Now, Vine star Amanda Cerny and major social media influence Lele Pons just announced that the friendship is over! At first this might seem like the typical girl fight, but it's much, much more than that.

Amanda took to her blog to explain why she will no longer associate herself with Lele and it really doesn't look good for Lele's image and reputation – if the claims are true!

Amanda explained, "OK well it all started six months ago when all of my photos and videos that were doing well on my Instagram kept being deleted. Same with my YouTube channel. Lele Pons (large influencer) was supposed to be my best friend…

Then I began to notice my photos being deleted, my videos being deleted and my account being put on private so no one could follow me. I immediately blamed The social media platforms and wouldn't even think it was her. This was happening to me nonstop until August.

Until I was at a barbecue with Lele Pons and we were all playing a fun game of charades and I see Lele get up as I'm telling a joke. I look over my shoulder and see Lele on her phone snapchatting and then realize wait… That's my phone. Take my phone back and my photo was deleted. So I knew it was her at that moment it all made sense."

Uh oh! But, that's not all. Lele actually admitted to the whole thing!

Amanda continued, "The next morning I called Lele Pons and asked her and she said, 'No way we are best friends I would never do that.' She came up to my apartment later and I asked her face-to-face and she look like she was lying and I demanded the truth from her.

She admitted to it all. She would even be by my side when I would realize my things been deleted and comforting me saying, 'Oh my goodness good thing I'm here and we are such good friends I will help you with this.' So manipulative." Whoa!

Fans of Amanda and Lele thought they had the perfect friendship. They hung out all the time, celebrated birthdays together and really seemed like they both supported each other no matter what. It's really upsetting to see a friendship like this end but it just goes to show that sometimes we can't even trust the people closest to us!

Do you think Amanda made the right decision or should she have given Lele another chance?

Let us know all of your thoughts in the comments below!

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