Jake Paul is out here addressing his breakup with Erika Costell once again. In his latest YouTube video, which he posted on January 15, the Team 10 founder totally tricked fans into thinking he got together with his ex to film a video explaining what went wrong between them. But turns out, that’s not what the video entails at all. While the video does address their split, Jake and Erika aren’t the ones starring in the video. Yep, it was a total spoof.

The thumbnail of his “we broke up” video shows Jerika sitting on a bed, looking quite emotional. But turns out, the thumbnail is total clickbait. The video actually features two adorable toddlers, reenacting the conversation that would’ve gone down if the former couple actually did film a breakup video together. And despite the whole clickbait aspect, we must say, these kids are so freaking adorable.

“You’re just doing this video for views!” Mini Erika yelled, while Mini Jake shouted back, “Oh yeah? You fake married me for views!”

OK, this is all too real. Take a look for yourself!

As the bickering between the stars’ mini-me’s continued, the video eventually took a very meaningful turn. Turns out, Jake used this opportunity to let fans know — via toddlers — that everything between him and the 26-year-old model is all good.

“We’re here to sit down and let you know that everything is peaceful between us, and we’re gonna support each other moving forward,” Erika’s mini-me said, before Jake’s tiny impersonator asked her to unblock her on social media. LOL, so maybe they still have some things to work out. But hey, their breakup is still pretty fresh. The two confirmed their split back in November 2018 via social media.

“I am reluctantly writing this message & can barely hold it together as I do so, but I have been waiting for the right time to make a statement about mine & Erika’s relationship,” the “It’s Everyday Bro” singer wrote in a Twitter statement.

“Sadly, Erika and I broke up a while ago and since then, we have been doing our best to work it out and find a solution,” the 21-year-old YouTuber added. “After many discussions and some serious soul searching, it became apparent to us weeks ago, that we could no longer be boyfriend & girlfriend. While it was a truly heartbreaking decision, it is the healthiest thing for both of us.”

It looks like this breakup is a never-ending saga, but we’re glad there’s no bad blood!

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