Although Jake Paul‘s YouTube channel makes it seem like his life is all fun and games, there was one thing the Internet star took very seriously: his relationship with ex-girlfriend Erika Costell.

Those who watched Shane Dawson‘s docuseries about the 21-year-old can attest to the fact that she really helped him ground himself, but ultimately, the couple broke up last year and officially confirmed their split in November. Still, we can’t help but wonder if their relationship is over for good, or if there’s even the slightest chance they’ll reunite.

Well, you guys, it seems like the “It’s Everyday Bro” singer isn’t 100 percent ready to give up on the 26-year-old model just yet. How do we know? Because on New Year’s Eve, he shared a screenshot to his Instagram story of a failed FaceTime call he tried to have with his ex.

The YouTube star even captioned the post saying, “No New Years kiss for me.” Awkward!

Jake Paul failed facetime with Erika Costell

That’s not all, though! Jake took to Twitter a couple of days later on Jan. 2 to offer a possible explanation for why he reached out to the “Dynamite” songstress, saying that he’s a “hopeless romantic.”

While it certainly seems like the Team 10 member is interested in reconciling with his ex, Erika doesn’t seem to be all that interested. In a video Q&A posted on Dec. 19, the vlogger answered a fan question about whether or not she had a boyfriend. Her answer? “Oh, hell no.”

This response came only one day after she seemingly shaded her ex on Twitter, writing, “damn sometime being the bigger person is exhausting.”

NGL, the proof is in the pudding, and her response to that fan’s question combined with her tweet and rejection of Jake’s FaceTime call makes it pretty clear that she’s just not feeling it. Can we really blame her, though? We mean, Jake said himself that their relationship was “toxic,” so maybe keeping her distance is the best thing for both of them… even if he doesn’t think so.

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