It’s a sad day in the YouTube world, as it’s been reported that Jake Paul and Erika Costell have broken up.

The shocking news came from YouTube star Keemstar. “Jerika is over,” he stated on his YouTube channel Drama Alert. “We are breaking this story, we are the first with it, Jake Paul and Erika Costell are officially broken up.”

So what’s his reasoning behind the shocking statement? Keemstar claimed that he talked to an Instagram model named Nikki Banner and that she had recently gotten together with Jake. He said that Nikki, 25, told him that Erika is “a really nice girl who got hurt in a way I have in the past. Not because of me. Prior to me… [Jake] lied to both of us.” He also pointed out that in one of her pictures Jake’s Team 10 bus appears in the background.

Keemstar then claimed that he talked to Erika, 25, and she confirmed the breakup herself. “I’ve been through so much the past month with this… and already feel like a fool,” she said. “I don’t care about what the internet thinks about me. I just wanna move on and get through this s–t privately. You can say whatever you want.”

Let’s do a recap on these two’s complicated relationship. The pair started off in a fake relationship, flaunting their fake PDA all over Twitter and Instagram. They even had a fake wedding and vlogged all about their honeymoon in Hawaii, only for Jake to come clean about it all being made up a few months later. But eventually the showmance blossomed into something real and the two have been happily dating now for months.

Or they were, until Shane Dawson released a docuseries exposing Jake Paul and his Team 10. Keemstar believes that the docuseries put a strain on Jake and Erika’s relationship, and eventually is what caused it’s demise. He also added that as far as he is aware, “Jake Paul has been hooking up with girls left and right.”

It’s unclear if Keemstar statements are true, especially considering Jake and Erika were sharing some Twitter PDA just last week when the 21-year-old RT’d Erika’s new music video and added his compliments.

Erika replied that she “couldn’t do it without [him].”

It’s hard to know what’s really going on between the couple since they’re great at faking it for social media, but we hope we get some confirmation soon!

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