The Team 10 crew are no strangers to drama and it seems to follow every member no matter what they do. As we all recall, Alissa Violet used to be a member of Jake Paul's social media squad until their Jalissa relationship fell apart and the pair has done plenty of dragging and exposing of each other since then. But now it seems like current team 10-er Erika Costell is ready to put any and all drama she personally had with Alissa behind her.

So let's break it down a bit: Erika is now one-half of Jerika, the BFF/they're dating but not really showmance with Jake, something Alissa once was in with Jake too. Alissa and Erika were friends once upon a time as all of Team 10 are essentially like a family with one another.

But naturally, the girls aren't close anymore since you know, there has been plenty of drama from both sides making claims about one another. In a recent Q & A YouTube video Erika did on her channel, she was asked by a fan if she would ever consider reuniting with Alissa and surprisingly, she's all about it.

"I feel like the Internet has made the situation between Alissa and I a lot worse than what it actually is. At this point in my life, I'm pretty indifferent to everything that's gone on and honestly if Alissa was down to reunite, I think I would be down too," she said.

So there we have it! Despite what's been said or gone on between them on the Internet, Erika is pretty much over it all and would be willing to reconnect with Alissa, which is super interesting considering Jake seems to still be entangled with Alissa and her web squad, #CloutGang engaging in yet another war of the words. But perhaps the girls might be able to rekindle some sort of friendship they once had.

Erika's confession is even more intriguing since fas have taken note of the fact that she's no longer living in the Team 10 house anymore. Well as she explained, she is still a part of Team 10 and is simply staying in a new apartment to be closer to her jobs. The model even has plans to get her own house where she wants to have a bunch of her girlfriends living her, so basically a second Team 10-style home.

"The reason I am not living in the Team 10 house, well there's a couple reasons. One, I actually am going to be living there part-time. Right now, my work schedule, it's where I am right now and where Team 10 is living right now is about 45 minutes away from me so it's just easier for me to be here right now. But I am planning on taking some of my stuff over there, I'm still going to be there all the time, living there part-time as well," Erika explained. "The whole point of Team 10 is one you get to certain level, it's time you graduate off on your own and start doing things on your own. I'm still part of Team 10, I will always be. It's time for me to leave the nest a little bit but I'm still going to be over there part-time. That's where the boys are, I gotta hang out with my boys. I actually plan on getting my own house that is going to be closer to the boys."

So yes, she's still on Team 10 and has no intentions of leaving, despite not living with Jake and the guys all the time. Plus she's open to hanging with Alissa again. Erika is out here playing but her own rules, that's for sure!

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