While we don't know them personally, it seems like Jake Paul and Tessa Brooks have an odd relationship…

The Team 10 members have always looked like the best of friends. They are part of the same crew, they've been on double dates, they laugh together, they've performed on stage together and they vlog together. But, something went wrong between them and we really don't like it. Jake and his rumored new girlfriend Erika Costell were playing a series of games against Tessa and her boyfriend Chance Sutton. Jessa and Chance won and Jake was not pleased.

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Or he seemed to be not pleased.

The thing with Team 10 is that they do a lot of things just for the video. Sometimes, it's all an act. But, we aren't taking this as acting. After Jake lost, he legitimately pushes Jessa – hard – as she's trying to give him a hug. Luckily, Chance was there to catch her fall.

The video of it all going down is even more disturbing than the description.

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This. Is. Not. Okay. Whether it was all for the video views or not, Jake should have never shoved Tessa like that. If you look closely at her face, she looks visibly upset. And Chance looks super worried as well. And even though she may not have gotten seriously hurt if she actually did fall, it's important that we all know this behavior isn't acceptable.

Jake shouldn't be allowing this on the Internet or be doing this at all for that matter. Not only does it make everyone question he and Tessa's friendship but it makes him look really bad. Like, incredibly bad.

This isn't the first time Jake has acted like a total jerk towards a girl, either. No one can forget his drama with Alissa Violet. Everyone thought their relationship was absolutely perfect until she totally exposed him. She basically said he would play mind games with her, telling her loved her one day and the next day letting another girl sleep in his bed and hook up with her. It was a total nightmare for Alissa. While he never physically touched her – as far as we know – he still was not a stand-up guy.

And now this drama with Tessa is proving Alissa's point about who Jake REALLY is.

The fans were not pleased with this video clip either. Here are a few tweets from their followers were thought his actions were totally out of line. They even started the hashtag #dontpushtessa.

Jake has yet to comment on the whole ordeal, but we'll be patiently waiting for him to do so. Or just like apologize, maybe?

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