Jake Paul has been known to do some well, crazy things for the sake of creating videos that his fans freak out over. His Team 10 squad and house they all happen to live in together has become a hot topic lately since his neighbors don't seem too thrilled to be living on the same block as Jake and all his roommates who are causing a ruckus in their town, but there's something even more confusing about Jake: the status of his love life. After all of the drama went down with his on and off again ex kinda sorta girlfriend Alissa Violet was exposed, they both went their separate ways and it seems like Jake as sparked a new relationship with another member of his Team 10.

Jake and Erika Costell have everyone thinking love is in the air with their posts on Twitter and Instagram lately, plus you know, there were those videos they each shared on their respective YouTube channels where they seemingly got married in Las Vegas and even went on a "honeymoon" in Hawaii during the Fourth of July.

Looks rather romantic. Most recently though, Jake took to Twitter to share another rather cozy pic of the pair, letting everyone know Erika has his back forever. "Ride or die…" he wrote along with the photo.

And yes, she tweeted him back with some lovey-dovey emojis.

Then came their follow-up tweets about how much they miss each other.

jake erika tweet

OK, now this all seems fine and dandy, but let's just say you can't always believe everything you see. As we all know, Jake flaunted his love for Jalissa all over social media too and they seemed like a solid pair, but Alissa has since revealed that Jake was actually terrible to her in their relationship And he has said some unkind things about her too. Plus, Jake and Alissa weren't ever officially together as an exclusive couple, although he would treat her like a girlfriend, so there was just tons of drama and stress. There's a really good chance his "romance" with Erika could easily be a showmance they want fans to buy into. Hey, if you're down for that and just want to admire all the cuteness, so right ahead. Just know it's most likely not real and we don't ever really know what's going on behind-the-scenes. Or maybe they really are in love. Time will indeed tell all.

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