It appears Jake Paul has wasted no time in putting his very public breakup with Alissa Violet behind him. Despite being heartbroken over allegations that she cheated on the Disney Channel actor with someone very close to him, he seems to be on the mend.

In a very surprising move, the actor went for some major PDA with viral star Teala Dunn. The two shared quite a few kisses in her latest YouTube video.

jake paul teala dunn kiss

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The viral star, of course, teased fans about the smooch no one saw coming by dropping an eye-popping description of the video that reads, “I FINALLY GET MY HAIR DONE FINALLY AND JAKE AND I ACTUALLY KISS… (WTF).”

Without a doubt, that description definitely got her loyal fans and probably a few curious ones to also tune in. Declaring the Bizaardvark star and Teala an official couple or coming up with a cute couple name for the two seems like a bit of a stretch, but fans are already shipping the two together. It appears the kisses were all in good fun, as they explained in the video.

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They insisted that this wasn’t a part of a ploy to get more people to watch her videos, reassuring viewers that what happened between them “is definitely not clickbait.”

Turns out, it was all part of a game to find out which viral star is a better kisser in the latest installment of Jake’s YouTube videos.

As far as it’s known, Jake is single and Teala was linked to Alex Valley towards the end of last year. Though judging by the looks they gave one another after their smooches, there could eventually be something brewing between them. They definitely would make one good-looking couple if they did decide to date down the line.

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