Alissa Violet has been in the center of major drama recently, and it looks like her friendship with her best friend Tessa Brooks is officially over. After her rumored ex-boyfriend and YouTube collaborator, Jake Paul kicked her out of their house after accusing her of cheating on him, Alissa cut ties with a lot of the people who were in that circle, including Tessa.

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Tessa continued hanging out and being friends with Jake, and now Alissa has made it clear that their friendship has not been repaired after she edited ex-friend out of a photo they had taken together.

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She then tweeted that there was no "hate" but that the photo is better if she is in it alone. Yikes.

Erika Costell, who is Tessa's friend, then tweeted, "I will never understand why ppl use their influence on social media for anything other than positivity ?." While Tessa did not respond, she did retweet Erika's message to which Alissa responded saying, "I mean if u had a group of ppl u thought would be there for u through everything, stab u in the back- u'd probably have a different opinion."

She then warned her followers about choosing friends wisely in case they "backstab" them and about moving on from people.

Tessa has not said much on social media, except a recent tweet about forgiveness and letting go.

We hope that the girls can sort out their issues and go back to being friends or at least keep their business off social media since so many of their young fans are following their every move.

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