Jake Paul recently admitted the one thing all shippers of his relationship with Erika Costell never wanted to hear – they were never really dating. You're kidding. Sadly, he's not and fans can hear it straight from the Team 10 patriarch's mouth. It's all fake. Everything was always fake.

And we called it first. Several weeks ago, the editors at J-14 started to put the pieces together. Jake was flaunting his relationship with Erika left and right. He told her he missed her on social media and they vlogged about their so-called honeymoon together in Hawaii. We had some serious eye rolls going on in the office that day. With all of this going down, we just couldn't forget everything that happened with Alissa Violet. She exposed Jake after their relationship was dunzo and said he cheated on her, played with her heart and made it seem like they were exclusive one day and the next would bring home other girls. It was literally torture for her. So, it was possible to believe that this whole Jerika thing was fake, too.

But, now we're just kind of confused because the pair were caught getting super cozy on Instagram Story over the weekend. They definitely looked like they were more than just friends. Of course, Jake has said in the past that there is some chemistry between him and Erika because he thinks she's so attractive. He made it seem like the pair has hooked up but when it comes to actually dating, there's none of that going on. Regardless of whether or not they want to commit to each other, they were getting really loved up on social media.

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Hmmm…they are legitimately all over each other. Not only has Jake tried to squash the dating rumors but Erika has touched on them as well. In a video titled, IS JERIKA REAL? (my side of the story) she said, "It’s really hard to find someone who is super supportive of everything in this kind of industry and we kind of do that for each other which is awesome and we’re so close, we’re best friends and like he said, we just like get along and things are just great. He’s just awesome, I love Jake and I think he explained what’s going on pretty well.

Obviously yeah we’re like really good friends and like we’re together all the time…but there’s also an attractiveness and like he said an intimacy at times so I don’t know, Jerika is Jerika. There’s no pressure on it we just like to go with the flow, we like to have fun, we’re young, we’re just like hanging out being best friends and we’re attracted to each other…and whatever we have going on right now is working for us in this moment and we’re cool with that and I guess we’ll just leave it at that and see what happens."

Looks like that attraction between them came on pretty damn strong over the weekend. They look like they are having the time of their lives and can't even be inches away from each other. Hopefully, Jerika really does keep fans in the loop if they decide to turn their friendship with benefits into a full-fleged relationship.

Did Jake Paul go on a date with model Joy Corrigan?

Rumor has it that Jake and Joy were spotted on a dinner date at Catch LA over the weekend. No one knows if this was just a friendly thing or these two are secretly hooking up. Regardless of their romantic status, one thing is for sure – Joy looks a lot like Jake's ex-girlfriend, Alissa Violet. He obviously has a type and after the YouTube sensation cleared up rumors that he wasn't dating Erika, this could be the start of something new. There are no reports of PDA between the two but that doesn't mean much. We'll have to keep our eye out for more Jake and Joy sightings.

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Are Jake Paul and Erika Costell hooking up?

It's hard to say. But, according to Jake's own words in a new vlog titled, "The Truth About Jerika…" he said there is some sort of romance there that creeps up every now and then. "Basically guys, Jerika is, we're best friends and like we get along, we're always together. I love Erika. She's so awesome, beyond being my best friend she's really attractive so there is a little bit of intimacy and I don't know what to call it. We kind of just go with the flow and I think Erika would tell you the same thing," Jake said. Sooo, basically yes, Erika and Jake are casually hooking up but they aren't in a committed relationship – for now.

Is Erika Costell married?

Nope! This whole marriage video between Jake and Erika was a huge red flag that the relationship was fake. They went through the whole thing with Jake in a tux and Erika in a white dress, it was a YouTube fan's dream nuptials. Jake even proposed with a candy ring pop which is super romantic. But, turns out, it wasn't real at all. Because, obviously, it wasn't real. It was too far-fetched even for someone like Jake.

Is Jake Paul dating Erika Costell?

Nope! Looking at the interview Jake did with The New York Times, he said it himself. The pair were never dating as much as we'd like to think that they were. Basically, they did it for the views, the likes and the attention. Oh yeah, and the subscribers.

Jake himself chatted with The New York Times about his life, the attention on him at the moment and the millions and millions of views his videos get every day. Cause, you know, it's everyday bro. But, somewhere between all of that, The New York Times cracked the secret about Jerika.

"We’re not even actually dating. It’s like the WWE. People know that’s fake, and it’s one of the biggest things of entertainment," Jake said. To be clear, he's saying that people know the WWE is fake and purely for entertainment yet everyone still watches it. The YouTuber is comparing that to his life and his relationship with Erika. They aren't actually dating, it's not real and it's all for the cameras. But, everyone can't seem to get enough of it. So, why not keep playing up the act then?

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So, if Jerika isn't real at all, it makes us question Jake's relationship with Alissa Violet as well. Was that all for the cameras? Maybe it was in Jake's eyes. But, we have to remember when Alissa came out and exposed Jake, revealing that he would tell her he loved her and then the next day bring another girl home. Clearly, Alissa's feelings were real because she was so hurt by him. However, if Jake's life really is like the WWE, his feelings may not have fully been in the place Alissa was thinking.

Obviously, there was a miscommunication there that cost them whatever kind of friendship they had. Hopefully, Erika and Jake are more on the same page with it all. I mean, if they aren't then she really is going to be surprised when she reads what he said about their relationship. Regardless, we don't think Jerika is going to stop being Jerika anytime soon. Their "marriage" video racked up 21 million views and like Jake said, it's entertainment and people clearly like to watch it. No one seems to care if it's fake or not.

Say what you want about Jerika, but they are doing something right. Just don't get too wrapped up and invested in what it looks like they have on camera. When thevlog is over, they are too.

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