Jake Paul really is having a rough couple of weeks. Team 10's patriarch has had another run-in with the police, but this time we kind of feel bad for the dude. He was given a ticket in front of his own house while literally just sitting in his own car. The car wasn't even moving – but that was the entire problem apparently. The Daily Mail is reporting that the former Disney Channel star sat inside of his vehicle waiting for a friend to arrive on Sunday afternoon in West Hollywood. It was then that a female law enforcement officer went up to Jake's car and gave him what could be up to a 400 dollar ticket.

So, what was the issue? The problem is that anywhere in front of Jake's house is a 'No Stopping Zone.' You'd think that because it is his own property he could get away with stopping there for just a minute, but the law is the law. Of course, Jake should know this and we're not saying he shouldn't have gotten the ticket but, we do feel bad for him – in this situation.

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Why? Day after day, fans crowd around the Team 10 house trying to get a glimpse of the YouTube star who currently over 25 million followers across his social media channels. Because of the commotion, there are security guards and cops that patrol the area to ensure the safety of everyone that just loiters there. We have a feeling that if the place wasn't such a zoo every day, police wouldn't be there all of the time either thus Jake may have gotten away with innocently waiting for his friend in his car for a few minutes. It's being reported that most streets in West Hollywood have these 'No Stopping Zone' signs because the areas get so congested.

After Jake was ticketed, he can be seen looking pretty distraught over the whole thing from behind his tinted window. He has recently been dubbed the worst neighbor ever because of the loud noises coming from his home when making his YouTube videos. And we can't imagine the neighbors enjoy fans hanging around their street like this either. But, this time, Jake should have been let off the hook.

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Fans or 'Jake Paulers' as Jake himself has dubbed them, literally won't leave. They won't stop until they see their idol which can make it impossible for Jake and the rest of his Team 10 crew to get in and out of the house safely and efficiently.

Mic.com talked to some of these fans. One said, "We just thought it would be funny, and we were bored today. We were like, ‘What should we do today? We’re so bored.’ Then we were like, ‘Wait, let’s go to the Team 10 house.’"

In today's day in age, with Jake at what seems to be just the beginning of a total Internet takeover, boredom in West Hollywood and the surrounding areas means trying to stalk this blonde-haired influencer from Ohio. As if the constant fans and the casual 400 dollar ticket wasn't enough for Jake to deal with, it comes on the heels of a recent run-in with the police. Just two weeks ago, his neighbors met with police and city officials to try and see if they could file a class-actin lawsuit declaring Jake and the entire house a public nuisance.

Of course, the noise is a problem and a disruption. But, this ticket mess – forgive us, but we kind of hope Jake gets out of it. As for the neighbors, they're still angry. Mic.com caught up with one of them and all they could say was, "I just want them all to leave." Whether they mean Jake or the fans is still up for debate.

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