The Jake Paul drama continues. And, boy, is it continuing! At first, it started with his love life and cheating drama with Alissa Violet. Then, the Bizaardvark actor was caught pushing Tessa Brooks on camera. Now, his neighbors are literally accusing him of terrorizing the neighborhood. Don't think that this is any old "Justin Bieber egging his neighbor's house" situation. We kid you not, Jake's neighbors are calling it a "war zone" and "a living hell." Yikes.

Fans know that Jake will do nearly anything for a video, but it sounds kind of wild living next door to all the craziness. In a previous shoot for a YouTube video, Jake and company tossed furniture into an empty pool and lit it on fire. Neighbors claimed that the flames created fumes and flames above the house, which could have been a serious hazard. Besides dangerous stunts, the people who live near him are upset about the crowds of fans who camp outside his house. According to reports, Jake has does little to hide his address, and fully welcomes the company.

KTLA 5 interviewed the Disney Channel star as some of the other members of Team 10 egg him on in the background. The YouTuber freely admits, "The neighbors hate me."

One of the homeowners in the neighborhood, Matal Dahan, spoke with KTLA5 and said, "We used to be a really nice, quiet street, but now we're just this war zone. We're families here and we're more than happy to have them live here if they're respectful of their neighbors, but they're not." His neighbors are currently deciding their next course of action, including whether to file a class-action lawsuit against Jake and the homeowner.

When the reporter mentioned that his neighbors likened the neighborhood to "a living hell" and "like a circus," Jake responded, "But people like going to circuses though, right?" In the course of the interview, the Team 10 leader also climbs on top of the news van, savagely mocks the reporter's shoes, and bounces around with a level of energy you probably wish you could muster on command.

jake paul van

The web star continued to make a statement to his neighbors (which we're guessing will not make them feel any better). "Honestly, it's terrible, it's a bad situation for sure. I feel bad for them, for sure. There's nothing we can do," he said. "The Jake Paulers are the strongest army out there. Dab." And then, reader, he dab-ed.

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