Back in October, Vine stars and their followers got the worst news ever. Vine was shutting down and the app as we know it today would soon be a thing of the past.

But, now that seems like it's not the case. Vine will no longer be a social media network but it WILL live on, which is super exciting. New reports are indicating that the app will no longer have a comments section or a way to 'follow' other people. However it will continue to be an app for creating 6 second loop videos!

These videos are now meant to be shared to other platforms like Twitter. Of course, lots will be changing but at least these 6 second loops that have made us laugh and cry for years won't be gone forever.

In light of the recent news, we've decided to look back at your favorite Vine stars and what they looked like in the early days of their social careers. From Cameron Dallas to Brent Rivera to Lele Pons, we've got their then-and-now pictures right here along with their first Vine loops EVER!

Click through the gallery and check out how much they've changed over the years!

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