If we could describe Jake Paul in two words it would be 'ladies man.' The Internet personality and Disney Channel alum is a huge flirt when it comes to girls, whether it be on social media or in real life. While he's known to call his fans 'babe' or 'wife' on Twitter, there are only a few girls who have actually stolen his heart at one point or another.

One of his longest relationships was with fellow YouTube star, Alissa Violet. Fans absolutely loved their relationship and thought they were a match made in social media heaven (which they were). But when social media wasn't in play, things were ugly — really ugly. Alissa just released a video totally exposing the Bizaardvark star and his antics. He accused him of cheating multiple times and hanging out with multiple girls while they were supposed to be an exclusive couple.

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This got us thinking. Exactly HOW many girls has Jake been rumored to be dating publicly? Of course, all of the girls Alissa talks about can't be tracked. They could either be fans or just people not in the spotlight. However, his fellow Internet stars and others that have made a name for themselves can be listed.

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The editors here at J-14 have compiled a list of several girls that Jake has been rumored to be dating. Whether it was a confirmed relationship or he was flirting with them on Instagram and Twitter or he was caught actually kissing them on camera – we've rounded them up!

Click through the gallery and check out all of the girls Jake has been rumored to be dating over the past couple of years!

Reporting credit: Cayla Bamberger.

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