It looks like Jake Paul is back to posting on his YouTube channel and he’s not wasting any time addressing the biggest mystery surrounding his life right now: his breakup from longtime girlfriend Erika Costell. The 21-year-old will be rolling out a new series called Jake Paul Uncut beginning Nov. 25 and of course, he’s already dropped a dramatic AF trailer for it where he gives fans a glimpse into his daily life, in a much different way than he has before. And he seems to be rather heartbroken over his split from the 25-year-old Team 10 member.

“I’m not breaking up with her because I want to, I’m breaking up with her because that’s what we both need,” Jake is seen saying in the trailer. There’s also another quote that could possibly be about Erika where Jake confesses, “I feel like she just wants me to not do good.” Considering how the couple seemed to be rock solid in Shane Dawson‘s docuseries, The Mind of Jake Paul, their breakup was a bit of a shock to fans. But what really is making waves is the fact that Jake is legit crying in the trailer as he says, “I’m not handling this breakup good.”

Jake Paul Crying Over Breakup

He really looks beside himself over the breakup!

Erika and Jake had been linked together for more than a year, but were officially together for a few months. The pair’s showmance started out totally fake (we all remember that Jerika wedding, right?) but the eventually developed real feelings for each other, which they both spoke about in The Mind of Jake Paul.

“The first two years we were working and living together, I had a serious boyfriend and I couldn’t stand him. I was working for him. We spent so much time together too, every day for like two years,” Erika told Shane.

Jake credits Erika with basically helping him open up his heart again after he had to deal with the betrayal of his older brother Logan Paul having a fling with his former flame, Alissa Violet.

“I never thought of her in that way and one day we woke up and I was like she’s hot,” Jake said in the docuseries. “Erika had to teach me how to love and how trust again because I just didn’t want to. She was the closest person to me and I was like if she could screw me over as much as Alissa and Logan did, so Erika had to come into my life and teach me how to love and trust again. It’s been a lot to deal with.”

So it looks like JP is ready to get real and bare all again, on his own terms, on his own channel.

“I’m so excited to be Introducing to y’all ‘JAKE PAUL UNCUT’… this series will be a once a week — longer form — raw look into my day to day life…. Nothing hidden, truths told, unscripted content you’ve never seen before…. & I’m really nervous to be putting my life out to the public with this much exposure, but I feel as if it’s the only way I can express myself, who i am, and what i wanna do. I don’t know how people are going to react to this series & im high key scared… but I also feel like this is something that people need to see.. i think it will help a lot of people with their own problems & stresses… & This is just 1 part of the new Season 3 content plan!! I love y’all & hope you enjoy it November 25th!!” Jake wrote in the description for the YouTube series.

Time will tell to see what other Jerika tea he’s going to spill.


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