YouTube star Keemstar just cyberbullied his fellow YouTubers on Twitter and it was so not OK!

The star, who was the first to break Jake Paul and Erika Costell‘s split on his YouTube channel Drama Alert, was not holding back. After Jake, 21, uploaded a mirror selfie to his Instagram account, Keemstar reposted it with some pretty harsh words.

“Jealousy in the air tonight I could tell,” Jake captioned the photo of himself rocking a tank top, chains, and a pair of glasses.

Although most of his fans thought he looked pretty cute in it, Keemstar did not.

Ellen DeGeneres has to get off the drugs,” Keemstar wrote on Twitter alongside the pic, implying that the YouTuber looked like the female talk show host. “She looks horrible.” Talk about harsh!

The 36-year-old did not stop there. He also compared YouTuber Pokimane to makeup artist James Charles in a malicious tweet.

“Pokimane did another stream without makeup,” he wrote, including a barefaced pic of James.

His comments come just weeks after Pokimane, 22, and Keemstar had a major twitter fight over the way Keemstar was speaking to a fan.

“It’s fine to dislike another content creator, but you probably shouldn’t hate on innocent fans,” Pokimane tweeted the YouTuber at the time. “Realize you have an audience that will also attack them. Do better Keem. For your information, joking about a fan ‘suiciding’ isn’t cute either.”

Her tweet led to a series of back and forth harsh videos from the two stars, which ended in Keemstar calling Pokimane a “fake b—h.” He also called her out for “being on a pedestal” and “thinking she’s better than everyone else,” during the videos.

Fans were not happy with Keemstar’s comments yesterday, one writing that their “war ended like two weeks ago.”

“Somebody’s attention hungry,” one fan added while another accused him of stirring up more drama to add new content for his show.

Neither Jake nor Pokimane have responded to the YouTuber’s harsh comments.

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