If you’re a member of the Logang, it may be time to start worrying because Logan Paul just admitted that he might be getting tired of making YouTube videos. The 23-year-old star has been venturing more into the Podcast realm, since he recently created Impaulsive With Logan Paul, and it might have opened his eyes to a whole new world of opportunities. He sat down with Access recently, where he explained that he’s ready for more than just being a YouTuber.

“I see myself as so much more than the ‘controversial YouTuber,’” he said. “It’s now up to me to show it. I have a little bit of an uphill battle currently — my own fault — but I think the stigma of being a ‘YouTuber’ is getting old. It’s time for me to exceed expectations.”

As J-14 readers know, Logan has been in the hot seat a lot lately over his controversial material, and it’s caused him to take a step back. “It’s been so hard. I have had to — rightfully so — censor myself because I am not in a position where I can walk the border of what is appropriate or not. I was. But my ‘I don’t give a f–k’ attitude screwed me over,” he continued. “You can only take that so far. So yeah, it’s been tough.”

So what did Logan do to offend everyone? Logan received a lot of hate earlier this year after he filmed a dead body that he found while on a hike in Japan. He was also under scrutiny again after him and his bro, Jake Paul, got arrested in Italy for flying their drones into a military base. And let’s not forget the time they jumped into the canals in the country of pizza and pasta, which was also totally illegal.

It’s definitely been a rough year for the star, but it sounds like Logan’s learned his lesson. “You say ‘Logan Paul’ and people quiver. So yeah, I’m in no place to be doing edgy content right now. I hope to be able to get back there one day. And I will. I just gotta get back on the horse and do things the right way for a bit. And then continue doing them the right way,” he told the outlet.

As for what’s next for the YouTuber, he admitted he’s actually going to be getting into music, and focusing on his podcast, of course. “It has always been something I wanted to do. It’s cool because I can use my brain,” he explained of the podcast. “I’m also a curious guy, I love to learn. I talk about things on there that intrigue me.”

But he definitely wants his fans to know how thankful he is for their support. “I feel like I am so blessed, and so fortunate in life to have been able to pursue my passion and to wake up everyday and not feel like I’m working,” he continued. “I make it a point to never say that I’m working. Eminem said this in a song, he said, ‘Coming from humble beginnings I’m somewhat uncomfortable winning.’ I find that so relatable. I’m very lucky. I could sit here all day and talk about how fortunate I am.”

Whether it’s making YouTube vids, releasing music, or working on his podcast, his main goal has remained the same — and that’s to make people happy. “I just want to make dope stuff,” he concluded. Whatever it is that comes next for Logan, we hope it’s nothing but positive!

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