The Paul brothers are at it again and this time their shenanigans are wreaking havoc in Rome, Italy. Jake Paul, Logan Paul and a few of their friends headed to the land of history, culture, and pasta. But, shockingly enough, the Italians aren't huge fans of vloggers – or specifically YouTubers who think it's okay to fly a drone over one of the oldest structures in the world, the Colosseum. Logan was actually arrested and taken into Italian custody while on the guys were on their Roman excursion because he flew the crew's drone over the coveted monument. Of course, before, during and after the arrest was was all caught on video.

It's important to note that we don't think this was just for views, either. Logan and Jake are known for doing some crazy things to gain followers, subscribers, and likes on their social media pages. However, after analyzing the footage, it seems like Logan really was in trouble. After flying their drone over the Colosseum, they supposedly lost it. Where was it found? With Italian military because that's exactly something that would happen to the boys. The military then called the police.

The video cuts to Logan in the car with Italian authorities who can be heard saying, "The flying of the drone in this area is illegal. We must arrest you for this." Literally, we are eye-rolling over here. Did they not check the international laws about flying drones over important landmarks? Clearly not. During this time in the vlog, Logan has the camera down by his legs which proves to us that he isn't supposed to be filming and he's probably freaking the eff out right now.

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Finally, Logan gets out of the police station after telling authorities he doesn't know where the drone controller is and he'll do anything or pay them anything they want so he can leave. This can all be heard solely on audio which again pretty much solidifies the fact that the madness really went down and the police were not messing around. Eventually, our boy Logan is freed and still shows drone footage over the Colosseum at the end of the vlog. Like, are. you. kidding. me. Again, no one is surprised that he showed the footage or was arrested because it wouldn't be a day in the life of Logan or Jake without something this ridiculous happening.

Logan's vlog left out some details like what he had to do to get out of trouble, if he has to go back to Italy at some point to settle the mess and how long he was actually detained. One thing is for sure, the drone they brought is dunzo and lost forever and if anything, Logan learned a very valuable lesson: He should probably just stick to flying his drone in Los Angeles.

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