Logan Paul was completely shook after he got into his first car accident ever and we can't blame him. The YouTube personality was riding around – per usual – in his $300,000 Mercedes-Benz SUV when a woman made a left turn into the middle lane where he was sitting. Logan was actually trying to pull into the parking garage underneath his apartment. While the Paul brothers have gotten into some trouble in the past for their crazy videos and outright insane shenanigans, this definitely wasn't Logan's fault. Because it's only natural for him to film his entire life, this whole thing was captured too. For the sake of his own privacy, he left out the footage of where the actual impact of the crash takes place.

In the vlog, fans can see Logan driving around doing his day to day thang. Next thing we know, the video cuts to Logan saying, "Yo. Yo, I'm not even kidding. I'm not even kidding, I just got in a car accident." Clearly, this was not a joke and it really, really sucks. The woman who hit Logan on the driver's side of his SUV gets out of her car and asks if he's okay.

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Logan responds, "I mean, I'm a little shook, I'm not gonna lie. You know you hit me pretty hard right there. We're in the middle lane and I was turning left…you didn't see me…it says no left turn ma'am." Props to Logan for trying to keep his cool. Before any of this got out, someone had taken an aerial photo of the crash and put it on Twitter.

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Thankfully, Logan wasn't seriously hurt. He did make sure to mention the fact that, even though he was upset about the car, it is a material item and that can be fixed. The fender bender definitely made for an interesting video, but the craziest part about the whole thing was the fans. You guys, I'm not even kidding, there were at least 50 fans just standing, staring, snapping, and video taping the whole thing going down. They parked themselves on the side of the road and ogled at their idol.

Logan nor his brother, Jake Paul, can't get away from them. As Logan handed out merch while the police dealt with the accident drama, the fans shrieked over him. It seems like even the smallest things that happen to Logan or Jake literally blow up on the Internet. His vlog about the whole thing, and several tweets confirming this was an actual crash and not just a prank, probably help his apparent drive for a complete Internet takeover too.

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