Team 10 patriarch Jake Paul and his older brother Logan Paul tend to get themselves in some trouble sometimes mainly because their viral YouTube videos are absolutely insane. They will literally do almost anything to get their likes, subscribers, and views way, way up. They have built a brand and an empire off of social media. However, social media can sometimes come back to bite you in the butt. The Paul brothers got totally dragged at the Streamy Awards by fellow influencer, Jon Cozart.

During the award show, he talked about how social influencers really should be influencing for the good. He wasn't wrong about that. Social media stars have a huge platform, sometimes an even bigger platform than other entertainers in the industry. They have the ability to reach millions of people, especially young people, through video and other platforms. These young people actually listen, too. Usually, Jake and Logan are pretty aware of it but Jake has gotten himself into a bit of controversy in the past over his insensitive remarks.

Remember when he made fun of a fan's accent? Yeah, not a good choice Jake made then. And now, Jake and Logan are getting slammed over their tweets. At the Streamy Awards, Jon pointed out that these tweets were written in the midst of the Charlottesville Rally that left one dead and several others injured. The far-right rally took place on August 11th and August 12th.

Just one day after, Jake wrote, "Today is a big day for the JAKE PAULERS! ARE Y'ALL SMILING? YOU BETTA BE!"

Logan wrote, "IT'S MY BIG DAY."

Yikes…that's not a good look. Of course, these tweets weren't meant to be insensitive. The boys were doing what they do every day and using social media to connect with their fans, build their brand and maybe tease an upcoming video blog. But, Jon totally used these tweets to drag them in front of the entire audience. While we see where he's coming from, this might be stretching things a bit. Jake and Logan do some pretty stupid things, but there's no way they were intentionally being insensitive.

Is it ironic that they tweeted about themselves on the same day that our country witnessed something completely horrible? Yes. Did they mean to make the day about themselves when it definitely was not? No.

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