It's no secret that Team 10 has just got to move out of their house. There's literally no other option. Things started getting bad when the neighbors complained of the total chaos happening on the street around the clock. There's no confirmation that it has actually happened yet, but in an interview with DramaAlert, an anonymous neighbor said that the community would be filing a civil suit against Team 10. Regardless of that legal drama, Team 10 has officially been banned from filming inside of their house. So, that's a step in the right direction for the neighbors.

The Los Angeles police department now says the crew needs a permit to film on the property. In a recent vlog, Nick Crompton said, “If we film in this house, you can face up to six months in prison because we need filming permit." So, yeah, Jake probably doesn't want to spend any amount of time behind bars. So, what is he doing in the mean time? Filming with a green screen and moving into his brother Logan Paul's apartment.

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Wait, back up. Logan and Jake are now roomies? This could be one of the most epic living situations for the creation of the craziest videos or it could be a terrible disaster. We're not totally sure how it's going to pan out yet but Logan was not too keen on the idea.

Jake and a few Team 10 members got together, bought some air mattresses and went over to Logan's pad. He wasn't around when the boys got there so they decided to make themselves at home. What does that include? Shooting merch out of merch gun, obvi. No, really, though Jake was serious. Unfortunately and not surprisingly at all, Logan said they could definitely not stay with him let alone move in with him. Jake even wanted to sleep with Logan in his own bed – that was a negative. LOL.

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Realistically, Team 10 needs a new house. This temporary living situation at Logan's probably won't work. I mean, they are legit sleeping on couches and air mattresses in his living room. They are breaking plates in slow motion on his balcony. If Team 10's neighbors didn't like him before, we have a feeling Logan's neighbors won't feel much different. Also, there's absolutely no way Logan wants to be associated with the drama surrounding his little brother's crew. Yes, they are family but this isn't just any family member. This is Jake Paul we are talking about.

Where do you think they'll go? At this point, it's unclear. But, we have a feeling the Team 10 members won't be publicizing their new address and it won't be a permanent residence under Logan's roof. So, Jake Paulers start the search because finding the crew isn't going to be as easy this time around.

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