How many times will it take for the Paul brothers to understand that some of their actions should be left off camera? A video has just surfaced online of Jake Paul freestyle rapping – which for anyone who doesn’t know means that he is making up his own words to a beat in the background – and used derogatory phrases in his lyrics that are universally deemed offensive. This all happened in Palm Springs last year around the time of Coachella. The Youtube sensation can be heard saying the n-word multiple times. TMZ is reporting that a source reached out and told them that Jake is not racist and he has matured since this video was filmed eight months ago.

The whole thing is bizarre. Not to mention this is the second time this week that Jake has made headlines for something not so positive. He posted a video just days after his brother, Logan Paul, shared his vlog from Japan’s “suicide forest” featuring a dead body. Jake’s vlog, obviously, wasn’t anything like that but still referenced sexual behavior in his title and the video thumbnail. And I know, some of you may be thinking that Jake is old enough to make his own decisions about what content he’s putting out on the Internet. That’s fair.

BUT, he also has a responsibility to uphold a certain standard on YouTube because of the voice he has been given. He can literally reach millions of people, including children and teens, in a matter of seconds. The stuff that Jake and Logan are currently putting out there doesn’t exactly match up with the demographic that is watching their content. Jake may not have been vlogging himself when he rapped the n-word multiple times, but he WAS being filmed. And I would be willing to bet my weekend plans on the fact that he knew this was happening. He knew he was being recorded. I mean, isn’t his mantra, ‘it’s everyday bro’? It’s the very idea that every day (bro) he’s producing content that will in some shape or form wind up on his YouTube channel.

Honestly, Logan’s video was a real shock to not only the fans but the celebrity community and outsiders as a whole. But, this freestyle rap of Jake’s is just purely irresponsible. Want to rap using these kinds of terms? Well, this is something he should honestly never say. Like ever. If he wants to engage in such disrespectful behavior, maybe next time just make sure the record button is off on all devices next time.

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