With all of the controversies surrounding Logan Paul, his younger brother Jake Paul, and Jake’s crew Team 10, it’s sometimes easy to forget that actually, these guys are some of the biggest YouTubers who are making a ton of money. In fact, Forbes just went ahead and announced who the highest-paid YouTubers are and Logan and Jake made the top 10, with the younger Paul coming out on top.

Logan is the tenth highest-paid YouTuber of 2018, making $14.5 million. The 23-year-old’s little bro, came in at number two for the year, with Jake making $21.5 million in 2018. The 21-year-old’s videos raked in more 3.5 billion views as well. Now that is just WILD. As many already know, back in early 2018, Logan decided it was a great idea to show a dead body in one of his YouTube videos, which negatively thrust the Pauls into the spotlight once again. Fans were calling out Logan for going into the Aokigahara forest, a place infamously known for people to go to take their own lives in Japan, just to get video views. And, as we know, if the video is monetized then the more views it gets the more money the owner of the channel rakes in. Logan didn’t monetize his original video in the forest video, but he did monetize his apology video and made thousands of dollars off of it.

Of course, you can argue the point that this is Logan’s job. This is how he makes money. He creates content in hopes that views will skyrocket so he can pay his rent next month. (And buy fancy cars and expensive gadgets.) However, the fact that he monetized a video apologizing for, in a way, making light of suicide, teetered on the line of what is morally and ethically correct. The fact that he decided to make money off of it did bring up a whole new thought. How much dough does Logan, Jake, Team 10, and some other former Team 10 members really make? Well as you can see, it’s a whole lot.

Before Forbes unveiled their 2018 list, we decided to look at the numbers using a V helpful website called, SocialBlade in the beginning of 2018. It easily breaks down each video’s statistics starting with the date, the title, views, rating, comments and estimated earnings that came in from the vlog. It’s important to remember that ONLY videos that are monetized can be seen on this site. So, let’s take a look at Logan’s chart, shall we? How much money did he REALLY make off of that apology video?

How much does Logan Paul make?

Okay, so this site is super helpful in not only seeing how much these people make per video but also an estimated monthly earning as well as an estimated yearly earning. They give ranges which seem like a wide gap but you can be sure that each earning is somewhere between the gap. We’d like to speculate that it is usually towards the higher end of the range, but that hasn’t been confirmed by anyone just merely our own hypothesis.

So, Logan, on average makes between $80.5K – $1.3M a month. He is estimated to be making $965.9K – $15.5M a year. Yes, these numbers are real. OVER 15 MILLION DOLLARS. Now, let’s look at his video titled, “So Sorry” and how that ranked. Back when we dug up this info, the video had 24.9 million views and Logan made between $12.4K – $99.5K off of it. This. Is. Obscene. No wonder why he wanted to monetize that! Below we’ve also added a screenshot of Logan’s top 10 most viewed videos of all time and how much he made off of those. The “So Sorry” video comes in at number 9 if that gives you any indication of how much MORE money he has made on his other videos.

logan money

How much does Jake Paul make?

So, let’s move on to the patriarch of Team 10. How much money does Jake make a month? Between $68.1K – $1.1M. And how much a year? Between $817K – $13.1M, which he has already surpassed. Jake’s most viewed video ever was posted on May 30, 2017, titled “It’s Everyday Bro (Song) ft. Team 10” and it has more than 222.4 million views. Jake made between $84.0K – $672.3K off of that one video. Want to know the money he made for his top 10 viewed videos? We’ve got that in the screenshot below as well.

jake money

How much does Erika Costell make?

So, I think one of the biggest misconceptions is that everyone in Team 10 makes the same amount of money. They are always together. They are always vlogging together, doing pranks together and hanging out as one big happy family. But, that means nothing when it comes to the dolla dolla bills, y’all. Erika makes significantly less than Jake does. Her monthly earnings range from, $7.2K – $114.6K. It’s not a bad chunk of change but just less than Logan and Jake. Her yearly earnings range between, $85.9K – $1.4M. Her most viewed video was posted on Aug. 5, 2017, titled, “I CHEATED ON MY HUSBAND PRANK (GONE WRONG).” The video got 11 million views and she earned between $5.5K – $44.0K for it. Here’s a list of her top 10 most viewed videos and how much she made off of them.

erika money

How much does Alissa Violet make?

I decided to take a look at Alissa because she was an integral part of Team 10 at one point and has consistently made her own headlines and videos since leaving the group. However, it looks like she makes even less than Erika does. Did leaving the group hurt her views? Over the course of a month, Alissa makes between $1.1K – $17.9K. Throughout one year, her income range is $13.4K – $214.3K. Okay, so even though it’s less, don’t be mistaken. This is still A LOT of money for someone her age to be making. Her most viewed video was posted on November 23, 2017, titled, “My two favorite things: Chantel Jeffries and Converse.” Alissa had 1.7 million views and raked in between $846 – $6.8K for it. You know the drill, below is her top 10 most viewed videos and their earnings.

alissa money

How much does Tessa Brooks make?

Tessa just announced on New Year’s that she was officially leaving Team 10 and living with fellow YouTuber Tristan Tales who was getting out of the group as well. But, how much is she making regardless of her affiliation with the group? She’s making $3.3K – $52.6K a month and $39.5K – $631.6K a year. Her most viewed video was posted on January 2, 2018, titled, “I HAVE SOMETHING TO TELL YOU…” with 1.7 million views. The video made between $844 – $6.8K. Her top 10 most viewed videos and their earnings are below.

tessa money

How much do the Martinez Twins make?

Your favorite Spanish twins have also escaped Team 10, but they were a staple of the group just a few short months ago. These two have a joint channel called, Martinez Twins, which is what we pulled the numbers from. With this channel, they make $7K – $112.1K a month and $84.1K – $1.3M a year. Their most viewed video was posted on Sep. 28, 2017, titled, “Martinez Twins – Fake Friends (Official Music Video).” The video had 15.3 million views and they made between $7.6K – $61.2K off of it. CRAY. Below, you’ll be able to see their top 10 most viewed videos and the corresponding earnings.

martinez twins money

It’s important to note that these numbers and earnings are based off of the YouTube videos that each person puts up. It’s possible and very likely that ALL of these YouTubers make even more money a month and each year when you add in the sponsorships they have. Every time they promote something on social media like sunglasses, fit tea or really anything, you know that they are getting some dough for that too. So, if we didn’t break your heart enough, these are just baseline numbers. Sigh.

Additional reporting by Jennifer Maldonado

This post was originally published on Jan. 4, 2018, and has since been updated.

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