Let's face it, Jake Paul was basically forced to leave his home in the Beverly Grove area due to some angry neighbors who had pretty much had it with Team 10's antics. Not only that but the Jake Paulers knew the address of the house and would literally just stand at the gate all day long waiting to get a glimpse at the Internet sensation or really anyone in his crew. Finally, Jake packed up and left only to move into a mega-mansion in Calabasas. The new house is legitimately enormous and almost everyone in Team 10 lives there. Jake decided to give his fans a tour of his not so humble abode during one of his vlogs because that's literally the most on-brand thing he could have ever done.

Now, we want to look at the specifics. How much did Jake's gigantic playhouse actually cost him? What does it really look like inside? (For those who haven't seen his vlog tour.) And what is the address of the new house? Because, you know, that's probably the most important piece of information here. Aside from the new home being a total upgrade from the last, it has an elevator, a Team 10 meeting office area, balconies, a huge yard and plenty of space for activities.

What is the price of the Team 10 house?

Get ready to wish you never heard this fact. Jake actually bought – not rented – his new Calabasas house for $6.925 million according to The Los Angeles Times. The house is 15,000 square feet and set on 3.5 acres with a gated long driveway. The house was reportedly listed for $7.395 million in June. But, Jake isn't the only one who has the cash to afford such an incredible living space for him and his friends. Logan Paul actually bought a home in Encino, California for $6.55 million. One thing is for sure, it doesn't suck to be a Paul brother.

What is the address of the Team 10 house?

Unfortunately, we don't have the exact address of the house. But, it is located somewhere in Calabasas, California on a very secluded property. So, Jake Paulers, if you think you're going to be able to get as close as you did to the previous Team 10 house, think again. The property has a long driveway and a gate which means if you want to see the Internet sensation you may just have to wait for him to come to you.

What does the Team 10 house look like inside?

Well, for starters it has a master bedroom, which is undoubtedly for Jake, seven other suites, a balcony, two walk-in closets, a shower that includes steam, aromatherapy, and Bluetooth. An office, a gym and a theater with a wet bar. Of course, there is a pool but there are now two waterfalls with it, grills and several patios. Oh yeah, and that's not all. The garage has the ability to fit four cars and the motor court can fit 12 more. Yes, 12 more. We've included a few images of his bedroom, balcony view, bathroom and walk-in closet respectively.


jake 1

jake 2

jake 3

Check out his full tour of the house:

What is Jake Paul's net worth?

We don't know about you, but the editors here at J-14 couldn't help but wonder how much the YouTuber is really worth. If he can afford to actually buy a house like this, then it must be a lot right? We decided to investigate. He reportedly makes about $32,000 A DAY from his YouTube videos. If that was calculated correctly, it means Jake rakes in about $12 million A YEAR. His net worth is equal to about $7 million. That's a lot of dough.

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