Another day, another dramatic chapter in the Team 10 saga. This time it's the Martinez Twins who are admitting they are no longer part of Jake Paul's social media crew and claim they were bullied during their time living in the Team 10 house. But Jake is saying this isn't the case at all and he's the victim of people lying and backstabbing him yet again. Yikes. So let's drive in:

Emilio and Ivan took to YouTube to upload a video explaining why they left Team 10. They are now back in Los Angeles after spending some time back home in Spain. They explain how they got their start with the crew, explaining how before contact with Jake, their family went through a rough time financially and their parents split. They turned to social media after one of their friends introduced them to it all and that's how they started creating content. They got a DM from Jake and they ended up flying out to LA where they met him and Team 10, which they knew nothing about at the time. They looked at Jake as a best friend and got along with everyone in the house and that they all were a family working together, but things weren't as happy as they thought since the boys reveal they were being bullied.

"Imagine you go somewhere where no one talks Spanish or your language and you see people in the house laughing and you don't even know what they're talking about. Then, you find out they were talking bull-s—t about you and laughing at you every single day. We were really upset. We used to love you Jake and loved Team 10, but not anymore," the Twins explained. "I went to sleep scared. Eight months in one house going to sleep scared," Ivan added. If the brothers were being bullied or felt they were mistreated in any way, then it certainly makes sense why once they headed back to LA they decided to part ways with Jake and his crew. Both Emilio and Ivan sent out tweets explaining further about how they were the ones who were manipulated all along.

Team 10 then released an official statement after the video came out though, saying all of these claims are false and Jake and company were blindsided by the twins' video and blamed a new manager the guys hired as part of the reason for this fallout.

Jake decided to share more of his side on Twitter as well, telling fans he is the victim here and has been hurt by others publicly betraying him before.

Jake admits he would rather talk this all out in person with the Martinez Twins, instead of just post YouTube videos talking about the situation.

Jake posted a screenshot of a text convo he had with Ivan where he was asking what's going on with the guys' living situation since they were in Spain and apparently not really responding to any of the messages the Team 10 squad was sending them. Jake ends the chay saying he loves both the brothers and wishes them the best.

Ivan responded to this tweet saying that yes, he did love Jake as a brother at one time, but other things have gone on that have changed his mind. Jake once again said he wants to meet in person to hash this all out.

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Emilio chimed in too, saying that because the Martinez Twins' fans are not coming after Jake, that's why JP is being "nice" to them when that hasn't been the case.

The twins then uploaded a second video to their YouTube channel called "The Truth" where they went into detail about what it was like for them living in the Team 10 house. For a while, they slept in the living room which was fine by them, but the guys say they were often victims of Jake's cruel pranks. This continued once the brothers did eventually move into a room but they always felt like they were the only ones being targeted. This led the guys to simply feel scared and they never thought they could tell Jake to ease up on the pranking. The guys say they wanted to move out of the house and still be on Team 10, but Jake wouldn't allow it.

"The only thing he cared about the paparazzi that were outside. Like if we moved, they would say, 'Oh the Martinez Twins moved out, oh jake Paul.' He didn't care about our privacy. He only cares about himself and his name. He was like no you guys can't move."

The twins go on to say Jake called them racist words and they were constantly being made fun of and pressured into making videos doing things they weren't comfortable doing. Jake bullied them into doing whatever he wanted and when they tried to talk to jake and ask him for help or advice, he would dismiss them.

"We really loved Team 10, we really loved that family. We wanted to learn English and in jake's vlogs, he started making fun of us. We tried to get a teacher and they said no because it was fun for their vlogs. It wasn't funny to us," the Twins said.

They go on to claim Jake and the team even kept the money they earned from them, which the guys just wanted to send back to their mom in Spain. Emilio and Ivan both credited Jake for helping make their dreams come true and want the best for him, but hope he changes his way.

"Jake, you're going to have more members on Team 10. I want you to treat the right, not like us. If you treat them like us, you're going to be alone always and I don't want you to be alone. You know we're right, we're saying the truth. We were always there for you, you can't say anything bad at us," the brothers said.

Jake has now uploaded two videos onto Twitter in response to the twins claims they made and he openly apologizes to Emilio and Ivan.

"Let me start off by saying I'm so sorry to the Martinez Twins. Nobody should ever feel bullied and I truly apologize for not doing a better job as a leader and as a friend. Pure and simple, I owe you guys an apology. And we are in the business of pranking each and creating video content around those pranks. However, it's obvious with the language barrier between us, the Twins weren't always fully aware of what was going on and I should've done a better job of making sure they were fully aware about these pranks. I understand how this could've gotten lost in translation and my original disappointment and reaction was based on the fact that we all assumed they were having fun and part of the pranking process and smiling and laughing," Jake said. "I'm happy they took the time to share their feelings but they never came to me or anyone and shared how they were feeling which would've resolved the situation immediately. I do understand they were apprehensive and shy, I get why they didn't say anything but I honestly wish they did. I never meant to hurt the Martinez Twins. I genuinely love them as brothers and I knew they were special from the moment I met them."

Jake goes on to say he never had any intentions of making the Twins feel uncomfortable in any way and feels like this is all just one giant misunderstanding. He hopes to talk to them in person so they can settle everything face to face in a more positive way rather than just making videos.

"If I ever knew the twins felt that way, I would've resolved the situation but it's an opportunity for me to learn to be a better leader and a better person and learn from my mistakes and I have nothing but love for the twins. And hopefully can talk through this at some point in person and resolve it. I'm sorry for the way things unfolded and truly hope we can talk through it in person," he added.

So. Much. Back. And. Forth. Kade Speiser, another Team 10 member, shared a vlog on his channel detailing all this drama and claims no one knew there was any sort of problem with the Twins. Kade and Jake apparently went to Spain together for the first time to meet Emilio and Ivan and one they hung out with them and saw potential in them, that's when Jake decided to bring them on board and fly them out to Los Angeles to be on Team 10.

"No one disliked the Martinez Twins. Everyone loved the Martinez Twins and they loved everyone. It was so hard not to love these kids. Even when the Martinez Twins were having trouble learning English, which they were and I know they talked about this in their video, it was always the nicest form of 'how can I help you?' We knew they didn't know English, I tried to help them through that," Kade said, adding that he even had the Twins label things in the house for him in Spanish so he could learn in an effort to better communicate with the brothers. "I knew it was very tough for them being here and not being able to speak English so I always tried to speak Spanish with them whenever I could," Kade said. Kade feels that an external source, the guys' new manager, basically turned the bros against Team 10 and that is why all this drama is happening.

Chance Sutton, another Team 10er, shared his thoughts on Twitter too, letting everyone know that he is not happy with the Martinez Twins' decision to leave the crew in this way and he doesn't really understand it all.

Chance defends Jake and even wrote a note explaining how Jake has done a lot for those he has recruited into the social media squad.

Basically, Chance feels like Emilio and Ivan are using this whole situation just to make videos and get attention.

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Time will tell if Jake is going to speak out again about all of this, but the Twins seem to be dunzo with Team 10 for now and everyone is just trying to move on.

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