Logan Paul was rightfully flooded with intense backlash after posting a video with incredibly graphic content at the beginning of the week. The vlog featured him and his crew wandering around the “suicide forest” in Japan to ultimately stumble upon a person who had sadly decided to take their own life presumably, according to Logan, not long before they arrived on the scene. However, instead of turning the cameras off and paying respect to this individual – hello, morals – Logan decided it would be the worth it go ahead and film the body, zoom in on his hands and then pass it off as trying to bring awareness to suicide and suicide prevention. Well, clearly, he was wrong and now Jake Paul is turning heads in the new year as well.

It seems like these brothers just can’t stay away from trouble in 2018. Jake is known to post videos on his YouTube channel that don’t always go along with the title of the vlog. But, he usually references the title, which is almost always what you really want to know and why you watch the video in the first place, somewhere towards the end. His newest video is different, though. It’s total clickbait and we were kind of mad AF about it.

He titles the vlog, “I Lost My Virginity…” Okay, so you can use your own imagination as to what this video could be about considering Jake used a thumbnail of him and Erika Costell standing – with clothes on – in a bedroom. But, think again. The whole thing is about Jake and his friends smashing things, trying to lure bears into the backyard of their cabin on New Year’s Eve and their celebration. Jake throws some coca-cola around the kitchen, breaks a screen door and kisses Erika at midnight. It’s all pretty standard. Oh yeah, and the crew goes snowboarding and Jake makes fun of Erika for wearing sunglasses and not ski goggles. The video ends with Jake promoting his merch…no surprise there.

So, where was this story or scene that referenced the headline? Great question. We’re not sure, either. We looked in the comments section to check out whether or not the viewers were just as confused as we were and it turns out, they were. One wrote, “roses are red violets are blue i just got clickbaited and so of you!!!!” Another said, “fkin clickbait man.”

But, after of all this, he still has some loyal supporters. One Jake Pauler wrote, “Why are people complaining about click bait don’t watch him but good luck find other youtubers who don’t use click bait.” Clearly, we’ve got all different opinions here.

We tried to figure out why Jake would make this his title, use a racy thumbnail and then never mention it in the video. The only plausible answer we could come up with is the fact that he may be trying to take the negative attention away from Logan. You know, helping a brother out. Of course, this probably isn’t getting as much attention as Jake or Logan would have hoped amid the video no one ever needed to see scandal. And, to be honest, thank goodness it isn’t. This is just Jake playing games and trying to protect his family, but that doesn’t mean Logan’s video should be forgotten. Jake’s video only sheds light on the ridiculous antics, which he does every day (bro), that happened on his New Year’s Eve. Logan really gave his fans a glimpse into something real, which he handled completely wrong and for that even Jake’s most clickbaited video ever can’t save him.

If you or someone you know needs help, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

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