For anyone who dedicated their tween years to all things Disney Channel, you probably shipped Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus pretty hard. The Hannah Montana star and the Jonas Brothers singer both emerged on the network around the same time and quickly became two of the biggest stars in America. But after they started hanging out a ton (they even toured together!) rumors quickly started circulating that they were a couple.

So what exactly went down, you ask? Did they ever actually date? If so, why did they breakup? Are they friends now? AHHH, THERE ARE SO MANY QUESTIONS. Well guys, not to worry because we’ve got you covered. We went ahead and rounded up everything we know about #Niley and their long and complicated relationship, and wow, it’s bringing on all the nostalgia.

It turns out, the answer is yes — they did date! Not only were they a couple, but Miley has even admitted that she thought she was going to marry the singer. That’s why when they eventually split, their breakup was super messy.

But the good news is, now, almost 13 years after they met, everything’s all good between them! How do we know this, you ask? Well, the two keep gushing over each other in interviews, and it’s seriously adorable. Wow, our Niley feels are seriously hitting us so hard right now. Now, let us relive their epic journey. Scroll through our gallery for a complete guide to Nick and Miley’s relationship.

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