These stars are staying under the radar with their very own Finsta accounts! What’s a Finsta? A “fake Instagram” account, of course.

For Hollywood’s biggest stars, it’s a safe place to post embarrassing pictures and personal thoughts without having to worry about their biggest fans spilling any of the tea! Some celebs have tried to keep their private social media profiles, well, private, while others opted to share the second Instagram accounts with fans. Thankfully, these alternate social media pages made public are full of unfiltered content.

While some stars are more selective about what they share online and keep things private, others, like Riverdale star Camila Mendes, prefer to put everything out there for their fans.

“I’m not a private person,” the actress told Teen Vogue in May 2019. “I don’t like hiding. But the more I get used to this lifestyle the more I reevaluate what I want to share and what I don’t … I know I’m happy, and I know where I am in my life, so I’m going to let [people on Twitter] say whatever they want. Why should I care?”

Simiarly, Addison Rae is another star who doesn’t let the public’s perception get to her. “[Fame has] brought so many amazing opportunities and blessings that like, it’s almost just worth it,” the influencer explained on a December 2020 episode of the “Mama Knows Best” podcast. “I’m not bothered by it, I don’t really care what narratives people put on things because that doesn’t change the truth … knowing yourself, knowing your intention, knowing who you are and the truth behind a photo, video, picture, whatever, conversation, you know who you are behind it, so it doesn’t even really matter.”

The budding actress also explained why she loves life in the public eye and said, “When I go out even now, let that be one person that notices me or 100 people that notice me … I love it … I think adjusting to that hasn’t been hard for me because I just love conversation and meeting new people.”

On the other hand, some eagle-eyed followers have discovered secret accounts made by Tana Mongeau, David Dobrik, Ashley Benson, Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber, Cole Sprouse and more, so they can keep their public persona separate! We rounded up all the usernames, so you can go ahead and hit that follow button. Scroll through our gallery to discover your favorite celebrities’ private Instagram accounts.

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