TikTok star Addison Rae is getting real when it comes to living her life in the public eye!

“It’s brought so many amazing opportunities and blessings that like, it’s almost just worth it,” she said during a December 2020 episode of her “Mama Knows Best” podcast. “I’m not bothered by it, I don’t really care what narratives people put on things because that doesn’t change the truth … knowing yourself, knowing your intention, knowing who you are and the truth behind a photo, video, picture, whatever, conversation, you know who you are behind it, so it doesn’t even really matter.”

The influencer first stepped foot into stardom in late 2019 when her TikTok videos started blowing up. Since then, she’s launched her own beauty line (called ITEM Beauty), released merch, started a podcast, nabbed a role in the upcoming She’s All That film remake, befriended Hollywood’s biggest superstars (like Kourtney Kardashian) and more. Seriously, we’re starting to think there’s nothing Addison can’t do!

“I grew up in Louisiana. I’m just a girl from Lafayette and I was never really used to the, I guess the amount of attention, especially now that I’ve been getting,” Addison said during a March 2021 interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music. “And so people really do try to control the narrative. Which is so wild to experience because I feel like I’ve seen it happen and you hear stories about it and things like that, but experiencing that firsthand is so crazy. But luckily social media I feel like has given so many people a voice to kind of make their own narrative in a way.”

During the same interview, the budding actress and music star even got real about how she’s taking care of her mental health amid her newfound fame.

“Keeping that inner peace, I feel like has been something that’s been really important to me, especially in the past year,” she explained. “Because I feel like as much as I can say, ‘Oh, just don’t read the comments, or don’t read this, or don’t look at that,’ and that’s just a part of being someone that also wants to make my supporters happy, my fans happy. Obviously, I’m going to read their feedback and want to know what they think about things.”

Along with her newfound fame, came some critics and hardships, which the internet star has been open about. Scroll through our gallery to read all of Addison’s most powerful quotes about living life in the public eye!

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