Try not to freak out, Kissing Booth fans, but Jacob Elordi is officially back on Instagram.

The 21-year-old officially made his return to the social media platform on January 1 after over a month of radio silence, and to be honest, we weren’t quite sure if he would begin posting regularly again. On January 22, however, he hit up the app once again to post a tribute to late actor Heath Ledger, so who knows? Maybe he’s hopping back on Instagram for good!

NGL, we totally missed seeing the Netflix hottie on our feeds — especially his adorable photos with girlfriend and Kissing Booth costar Joey King. Unfortunately, though, there have been tons of rumors the couple has called it quits, so maybe now that Jacob’s back on social media we’ll finally get the answers we’ve been looking for.

We know what you’re probably wondering about the tell-tale signs their relationship is over, and TBH, there are several possible clues. For starters, the couple really slowed down their mushy social media posts towards the end of last year. Plus, the 19-year-old actress even went back and deleted some of their pictures together, which is never a good thing.

Looking for more proof that the adorable costars broke up? Well, in mid-November, around the same time fans speculated that things were over between them, the actor decided to disable his Instagram account. Sure, he claimed it was because he “wanted to focus on his new movie,” but is it not possible that he just wanted to take some time to himself to deal with the heartbreak?

Joey also made a huge transformation in her life recently. Back in October, she shaved her head, which she said was for her role on the Hulu series The Act. While that’s probably true, there’s also no denying that people typically change their hair in the midst of a breakup in hopes of a fresh start. Again, we’re not saying that’s necessarily true in this instance, but it is something to think about.

At this point, there’s still not enough evidence to know for sure whether or not Jacob and Joey are still together. What we do know is that they are (err, were?) an adorable couple, and honestly, we’re still holding onto hope that a Kissing Booth sequel will happen. Until we hear more news on that, though, we guess we’ll just have to keep our eyes glued to Jacob’s Instagram. Welcome back!



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