It’s not every day that a pair of celebrity besties comes along who truly make you wish you were a part of their squad. But that’s exactly true when it comes to Sabrina Carpenter and Joey King’s friendship. Both girls have their Disney Channel roots in common and they go way back, having stayed super close as they’ve navigated their careers. Now both 19 years old, the girls have proven time and time again how they’re always there for each other, and we are seriously living for their friendship.

The girls even worked together, when Joey starred in Sabrina’s Legally Blonde-inspired music video for her latest single “Sue Me”. And Sabrina recently admitted that she totally wants to work with her bestie again! “I’ve actually been talking to so many people about this recently because we could totally do a Tina Fey/Amy Poehler style comedy,” Sabrina explained to Pop Buzz. “We have so much fun together. We had the best time making the ‘Sue Me’ video.”

OMG. How epic would that be? “Maybe we just have to write it. Maybe we have to do the whole thing. It will be fun when it happens,” Sabrina continued.

Queens supporting queens, here for it. Seriously, this friendship is everything and below is a breakdown of more of their BFF highlights. Can these two star in a movie together already? The world needs it.

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