Does Sabrina Carpenter have new music in the works? The former Disney Channel star started teasing music in August 2021, and fans freaked out! Now, they’re gearing up for the record, titled Emails I Can’t Send. 

“It’ll be a Wednesday,” Sabrina shared via Instagram, alongside a clip of what appeared to be a new song. Days later, she announced the song’s title, “Skinny Dipping,” via Instagram Reels

In the short clip, the Girl Meets World alum is holding a boom box on her head while sitting on a balcony and mouthing along to the song.

“It gave me, as Sabrina, the opportunity to get a little bit closer with my own voice and myself,” the actress told Flaunt magazine in June 2021 about how she created new music amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. “Being alone in a room with a piano, and being able to send those ideas to my friends, and not having them being over-thought or touched too much was great. It gave me a little bit more time, whereas before I had to leave the studio with a full song done and nothing beforehand. I try not to go in with a specific mission of a thing I want to make, because it may take you down the wrong path and not allow you to be as creative as possible.”

Following her start on the fan-favorite Disney Channel series, Sabrina released her debut studio album, Eyes Wide Open, in April 2015. Since then, she’s dropped three more records — Evolution, Singular: Act I and Singular: Act II — and is officially working on a fifth, which she told Flaunt was a “sonic universe.”

“This whole quarantine, it has been like, ‘Well, you know what, it doesn’t need to be perfect. I’m just going to put it out as is, c’est la vie, and see how it goes,'” she told the publication. “Because I’ll put something out, and be like, ‘Ah I wish I could change that, just a little bit.’ So, I’m trying not to overthink it right now, but I am trying to make sure it tells the story I want to tell. So, I’m taking my time with it.”

And this time around, Sabrina is in full control.

“This was finally the album where I got to just have fun and f–k around and not take everything so seriously, because it wasn’t like, you gotta go in the studio and make a song [in a specific way],” she told Teen Vogue in September 2021. “It was completely and entirely just me steering the ship.”

Scroll through our gallery for everything we know about Sabrina’s 5th album so far. 

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