Relationship rumors are swirling between Joshua Bassett and Sabrina Carpenter! The apparent couple has kept their love lives under wraps since they were first spotted together in June 2020, but that hasn’t kept fans on social media from finding major hints about their romance.

In fact, following the release of Joshua’s debut EP in March 2021, Sabrina took to social media and praised his music, noting that the track “Heaven Is You” was a “personal fave” of hers. “I am in awe of your talent + the way you tell stories,” she wrote in an Instagram Stories post. “So happy this is out in the world!”

The former Disney Channel stars made headlines in January 2021 after staying under the radar for months. When Joshua’s High School Musical: The Musical: The Series costar Olivia Rodrigo dropped her debut single “Drivers License,” listeners theorized that she was spilling some tea about a possible feud between herself, the Stuck in the Middle alum and Sabrina. Naturally, social media exploded with fans breaking down clues in the song’s lyrics. One line from the track that’s been called out the most reads, “And you’re probably with that blonde girl / Who always made me doubt / She’s so much older than me / She’s everything I’m insecure about.”


Fans noted that in an earlier version of the song, which Olivia teased on Instagram in 2020, the actress-turned-singer wrote “brunette girl” in the lyrics. In the version released on streaming services, it was changed to “blonde girl,” which some people have speculated is a direct reference to Joshua’s relationship with Sabrina. Of course, Olivia, Joshua and Sabrina have yet to comment on the nature of their relationship and how it relates to the song. In fact, Joshua and Sabrina have yet to confirm that they’re dating, but they did work together on a song that’s yet to be released.

“I mean, she’s a badass,” Joshua told POPSUGAR about working with Sabrina. “She’s so dope, but she’s also the sweetest person ever. It’s like she has that ‘Sabrina Carpenter persona,’ but the Sabrina I know is like a marshmallow. So she’s really dope, and it was super awesome [to] work with her. I feel like we actually taught each other in a few ways. That was kind of cool, [to] learn from each other in the process of making that song.”

Wondering how the relationship rumors first started? Scroll through our gallery for a complete timeline of this rumored romance. 

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