Just leave it to Sabrina Carpenter to casually reveal a somewhat embarrassing, yet equally amazing and hilarious secret about herself while looking as fabulous as ever on the red carpet. Speaking to The Ellen DeGeneres Show’s Kalen Allen, the “Almost Love” songstress was asked to share something about herself and at first, she was totally caught off guard and didn’t know what to say. Then the big reveal finally came: Sabrina didn’t know how to tie her own shoelaces for a really long time. 

“I didn’t learn how to tie my shoes until I was nine. I don’t know what happened! I was like, ‘I love velcro, velcro is my passion’ and then I did learn. I found a real cute pair of shoes and it was worth it,” she shared.

OK, let us take a minute to digest this information. Nine years old is a bit old to just learn how to tie a pair of shoes, if you think about it. This is something most people try to conquer when they’re in say, the first grade. But Sabrina was just marching to the beat of her own drum clearly and wasn’t ready to let go of her velcro shoe life. Considering she’s often now seen mostly wearing the most fabulous heels, we can see why tying shoelaces isn’t really at the top of her list of priorities. Perhaps little Sabs already knew her future footwear would be like that and it’s the real reason why she wasn’t all that invested in learning to tie the laces. 

The fact that Sabrina was willing to just share this fun fact with us all though is why she’s such a gem. She’s never afraid to roast her younger self. Remember when she gave her younger self the most real AF advice ever?

She was a huge fan of the fedoras back in the day, and she even had one on when she met Miley Cyrus for the first time. Having questionable fashion choices as a kid just makes us all stronger in the long run, right?

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