Today, Sabrina Carpenter is a total queen slaying both the music world and the acting game. But once upon a time, she was just a cute lil bean getting her start. And her fans have uncovered what is quite possibly one of the greatest videos from her early days you will ever see.

As we all know, Sabrina is a fabulous dancer, something she’s been showcasing more and more with her new music. Have you seen the music video for her jam, “Almost Love?” Girl is giving us all the choreo. Well, Sabrina has said she’s been dancing since she was a kid, and of course, she wasn’t lying. The video fans have resurfaced further proves her dance history in the most hilariously amazing way. Sabrina appeared in the video game Just Dance Kids 2 as one of the lead instructors to some fire dance moves to the “I’m a Gummy Bear” song. It’s truly as amazing as it sounds. Watch:

OK, now how cute is baby Sabs with her red hair? And this bear-walk dance move is kind of iconic.

sabrina carpenter gummy bear

Perhaps she might just bring it back on her next tour? Although, our girl is out here being fierce AF, so maybe these moves are officially retired.

sabrina carpenter almost love

Hey, at least she’s back to her dancing roots and we know she’ll be giving us more fire dance tracks once her upcoming album, Singular, graces our eardrums. Still, this Gummy Bear past is just too amazing. Look how far she’s already come and Sabrina is only 19. A true star this one is.

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