Sabrina Carpenter is gearing up to release album no. 6! The “nonsense” singer confirmed she’s working on new music during a conversation with Maya Hawke for Interview Magazine in February 2024. Keep reading for everything we know about SG6.

When Does Sabrina Carpenter’s Next Album Come Out?

Sabrina has yet to announce details on her upcoming album, and has only confirmed she’s “working on it.” However, she did reveal that she hopes to delve into more genres this time around.

“I feel a lot freer and more excited about what I’m making now because I’ve realized that genre isn’t necessarily the most important thing,” she told Interview. “It’s about honesty and authenticity and whatever you gravitate towards. There were a lot of genres in my last album, and I like to think I’ll continue that throughout writing music.”

In April 2024, she released a new single titled “Espresso,” along with a music video — and fans are hoping this is a sign that more Sabrina music is on its way.

The Disney Channel alum dropped her successful fifth studio album titled Emails I Can’t Send.

“Unfortunately, you have to allow yourself to get to that point where you’re even able to do that, and until I made this album, I wasn’t at that place where I felt I could,” she shared of the project. “The other day, this guy was like, ‘Life is so long. You just have to follow the things that make you feel something, whether that’s good or bad.’ And I was like, ‘Wow, I always hear life is short.’ But it made me really excited about the fact that I’m going to find my way through.”

What Is the Title of Sabrina Carpenter’s Next Album?

While Sabrina has yet to reveal the title of her upcoming album, she did reveal how she chooses her album’s names!

“The name of my album comes through a miracle somewhere in the universe, and it usually comes the day before I have to turn in the whole thing, but I like to think I’ll get better at that as time goes on,” she revealed.

As for how she decides what songs belong in her album and don’t?

“I spend a lot of time with them, and the ones I still want to listen to after six months to a year, that feel like they’re still brand new, resonate with me the most,” she revealed. “But sometimes that question is a bit unanswerable because it’s a feeling.”

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