Joey King is turning the big 1-9 today – and despite recent break-up rumors, Jacob Elordi posted a very loving post for her birthday.

So naturally, fans are wondering – does this mean the couple is still going strong? All signs point to yes! Jacob shared a photo on Instagram of the pair being their silly selves with the caption, “This sums it nicely. Happy birthday weirdo ❤️lut o vut e yut o u.” So what does that last part of his caption mean? Take the first letter of each word, and it spells out “love you.” DID YOU HEAR THAT? Yep, those were our screams. We’re officially waving goodbye to all those breakup rumors.

Buzz that the couple had gone their separate ways started when Joey and Jacob’s social media posts with one another died down for a while. But now that it’s clear they’re still head over heels in love, their lack of posting probably has something to do with the fact that the stars have had a serious increase in social media followers since their Netflix movie The Kissing Booth took off. Joey even mentioned the overwhelming pressure on their relationship in an interview.

“I guess I feel like it’s almost scary giving people what they want so much, because of how much people are obsessed with our relationship,” Joey told the Los Angeles Times. “I’m like, ‘Maybe I should keep some of that to myself.’ I go back and forth on that.”

Now, let us take a look back on the couple’s relationship timeline.

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