Joey King and Jacob Elordi are in the midst of their first social media fight – and weirdly enough, it’s all involving footwear. The Kissing Booth co-stars, who double as an IRL couple, recently had rumors swirling around them that they were broken up due to lack of social media posts. However, that was quickly put to rest earlier this week when Jacob professed his love for Joey on her birthday. And good thing because to be totally honest here, we ship them so freaking hard. *Wipes away tears.* We’re not crying, you’re crying.

The best part of the duo’s relationship, in our humble opinion, is how silly they are together – and their latest Instagram battle is proof. Joey and Jacob are currently making fans LOL to the extreme with a social media feud that is equal parts bizarre and hilarious.

It all started when Jacob returned back home to California after filming his upcoming movie 2 Hearts in Vancouver and Hawaii. (He’s playing the boyfriend of Riverdale actress Tiera Skovbye AKA Polly Cooper, btw). But we digress. Once reunited with bae, the actor took to his Instagram stories to tease Joey on her style of shoes – Birkenstocks. Naturally, Jacob dramatically zoomed in on his GF’s sandals on his Insta stories, urging Joey to call him an embarrassing dad. But it didn’t end there.


Instagram, @jacobelordi

“Back to Hollywood californication and such. More importantly Joey is a hippie and needs to seek help for her Birkenstock addiction,” he continued to post – to which she replied on her stories, claiming that he was the one who encouraged the shoes to begin with.

joey king shoes

Instagram, @joeyking

“In response to Joey‘s recent allegations… I would never force anyone against their will to take on the Birkenstock lifestyle… it’s not for the faint of heart.”

And then, to add another layer to the situation, the topic of socks entered the conversation. Should they be worn with Birkenstocks? Or is that totally lame? WE’RE STILL UNSURE.

“Oh my god he put socks with them. I’m shook. Someone help him,” Joey posted.

And then, to top it all off, Jacob fessed up to wearing socks with his sandals. So like, now he’s a Birkenstocks supporter all of the sudden? This is all too much for us to keep up with – all we know is we’re loving their silly relationship.

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