There really is nothing better than falling into a Netflix binge – and there are two movies it seems like just about everyone is obsessed with: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and The Kissing Booth. Both teen rom-coms are based on beloved YA novels and their movie adaptations are seriously too perfect, especially when it came to the casting of the couples in the movie. TATBILB gave us Noah Centineo and Lana Condor as Peter Kavinsky and Lara Jean Song Covey and TKB brought together Joey King and Jacob Elordi as Elle Evans and Noah Flynn. 

And what makes these on-screen pairings even more precious is the fact that IRL, the co-stars are just as adorable. Proof:

lana and noah

See what we mean?

jacob and joey

It’s too hard to choose a fave movie because both love stories just make your heart flutter, if we’re being honest here. But can you imagine if the leading guys weren’t who they ended up being? Noah recently revealed he actually was almost in The Kissing Booth and our lives would’ve been so different.

“I auditioned for the leading role in The Kissing Booth that came out on Netflix, funny enough. I’ve auditioned for practically everything that’s come out — a lot of actors have,” he shared with Buzzfeed. Umm, excuse us while we freak out. Noah is literally Peter Kavinsky, there’s no one else we can imagine bringing that swoonworthy role to life. Just like Jacob was the perfect Noah. Plus, Jacob and Joey are a super cute couple off-screen, so imagine if they never ended up starring in this movie together. Does that mean they never would’ve met and wouldn’t be happily dating like they are now? HOW WILD IS THAT?

It’s safe to say though, that each guy ended up with the part they were meant for. And now we have these movies to obsess over forever.

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