When you're watching a television show, it's kind of hard to imagine that what you're seeing in front of you as he furnish product is most likely what wasn't originally intended. That's right, series go through tons of changes before making it on air. From characters' names, to the actors playing them to the overall plots, shows go through tons of revisions and this of course has happened on Disney Channel. Tons of classics could've been way different had things never changed.

Take K.C. Undercover for example. When Zendaya met with Disney Channel when she was 16 years old to talk about the new series, originally the show was called Super Awesome Katy and her character was named Katy, which Zendaya wasn't a fan of. She also wanted to make sure the show featured a family of color too. So what did she do? Well, she spoke up and shared her own ideas with the network, ultimately being a driving force behind the series, as one of the producers. And now we have the spy show everyone knows and loves! It was all thanks to Zendaya's vision and you know, her being the boss that she is. K.C. is one of many shows on the network that underwent some major changes before gracing your TV screens, like Liv and Maddie, Girl Meets World and Jessie. And you legit had no idea, until now that is.

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