When actors end up playing a couple on-screen, there’s a good chance they have a super strong natural chemistry and next thing you know, they take this love into their real lives. They start dating for real and for fans, it’s always heartwarming to see their fictional faves actually falling for each other. And sometimes, co-stars who don’t even play a couple in the TV show or movie they’re filming end up becoming an item IRL, like Dove Cameron and Thomas Doherty

These two had plenty of scenes together in Descendants 2, but Dove’s character Mal has an epic love story going on with King Ben, not with Thomas’ character Harry Hook. And yet, these two totally fell in love while filming the Disney Channel Original Movie. Now, they’re as cute as ever! Proof:

Just precious. But for some couples who met while on set, this love doesn’t necessarily last though and when it’s all said and done, they end up revealing some major truths about what it was really like being in such a high-profile relationship that so many people feel personally invested in. Before Thomas, Dove happened to be dating — and was even engaged to — her Liv and Maddie co-star, Ryan McCartan and well, that relationship ended and tea has been spilled about the romance from both Dove and Ryan. And they’re not the only ones who have spilled details about their relationship once it was over. Sit back and grab some popcorn as you check out more former co-stars who played couples on-screen and were a couple off-screen too. It’s basically like its own movie out here!

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