Try not to freak out, but Dove Cameron just confirmed that she has music on the way in a short video snippet on Instagram.

The Descendants star hit up the social media app on February 26 to tease what she’s been working on, and so far it sounds fantastic. Unfortunately, working on new music means we won’t be seeing much of the actress on Twitter or Instagram this week, but that’s a price we’re willing to pay for some new tunes.

Along with the short clip, the 23-year-old wrote, “Taking a tiny break from social media to focus on music this week but . wanted to leave you guys w a little something . 20 points if you can guess who’s song he’s singing along to (it’s me you guys. it’s my song. why would i post someone else’s).” Well, she’s got a point.

As diehard fans of the Liv and Maddie star know, this isn’t the first time she’s teased her highly anticipated music. Back in November 2018, for example, she tweeted about the importance of patience within the fanbase.

“Here’s the dilemma,” she wrote. “If i speak about my upcoming music and how i’m listening to it as i type this and making plans and sending feedback, you guys get mad and say I’m teasing, but then if i don’t speak about it, you guys think it’s not coming…so. what to do.”

She then promised her fans that music is definitely coming, but that it might not be on their timeline.

“It is a v complicated process,” she added. “So i don’t blame people for being confused/wanting it now. bt yeah i can’t just release it. you have to make a video, radio tour, press…and i can’t do all of that w/out time! i want it to be perfect for everyone.”

We don’t know about you, but we absolutely cannot wait for Dove to drop new music — especially since she’s been hinting at it for, like, ever.

In September 2017, for example, she posted the cover artwork for “Talks About,” which was supposed to be her first single. Then, she tweeted in July 2018 that she already has 10 songs complete.

NGL, we have no idea what the hold up is or when we can expect the new song to drop, but based on the Instagram snippet, we’re pretty stoked for her first single to officially hit the airwaves. We guess we’ll just have to wait a little bit longer!

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