Frozen fans, this is what you’ve been waiting for: we may have just finally gotten a more specific time frame as to when Frozen 2 will be coming in our lives. Jonathan Groff, the actor who voiced Anna’s beloved bae Kristoff, spilled in an interview with ITV’s Lorraine that he and his co-star Kristen Bell are already working on the new movie.

“They are doing another Frozen, I actually just started recording Frozen 2 last month. I think it’s going to be released in November 2019. It’ll be here before you know it,” Jonathan said. Umm okay, so time to mark the calendars then! Idina Menzel has also revealed that she started working on the project as well. She spoke with Entertainment Tonight and said, “Yeah, we’ve begun working on it and that’s all I can really tell you. It’s nice to kind of go into the studio with no makeup and play, you know?” While she’s having a blast, ET asked whether or not her son is excited about Frozen 2 – a movie Idina is in that he can actually watch. She said, “Well that’s funny cause my kid doesn’t always wanna see mommy in her movies but one day he’ll think I’m cool right?” LOL!

Hitting theaters in November 2017 though is a brand new 21-minute short, Olaf’s Frozen Adventure that will totally hold you over until Frozen 2 comes into our lives in 2019. And yes, the official trailer has made it’s debut! Check it out:

OK, there is so much going on here! So this mini-movie is taking place during the holiday season as the snowman everyone loves tries to help Ana and Elsa come up with their own holiday traditions. This makes sense really, since this short will be airing before moviegoers get to see Coco, Pixar’s upcoming film which is being released on November 22, right in time to kick-start the holiday season and like John Lasseter, the chief creative officer for Disney and Pixar animation said to Entertainment Weekly, Frozen took place during the summer season so obviously winter is where we’re seeing this crew next.

“People forget that the first movie took place in the middle of summer, so this is really the first holiday season after the girls have come together, but what they’re realizing is that because they were separated for so long, they don’t have any family traditions,” John said. “So, Olaf is so sad about this that he decides to step out with Sven the reindeer to go around Arendelle to find the greatest family tradition for Anna and Elsa.”

Leave it to Olaf to try to bring everyone together!

anna olaf elsa frozen adventure

From this trailer, we can already tell there will be more songs that you will legit hear everywhere and the soundtrack is set to be released on November 3, a few weeks before the short officially arrives. The soundtrack will feature four brand new songs: “Ring in the Season,” “The Ballad of Flemmingrad,” “”That Time of Year,” and “When We’re Together.” Also, let’s point out how Elsa is slaying in another iconic dress in this trailer, so looks like no one will be letting go of that Frozen magic any time soon.

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