Get ready, people, because Disney is reportedly making a live-action remake of the animated flick Tangled, and fans will never guess which famous actress has her sights set on playing Rapunzel! Drum roll please… Dove Cameron just took to Twitter to let everyone know that she’s totally down to star as the long-haired princess in the upcoming flick, and fans are so here for this.

“Disney is [reportedly] making a live action Tangled and if @DoveCameron doesn’t play Rapunzel I’m throwing a tantrum,” one fan wrote on Twitter on Saturday, February 15, which the 24-year-old actress retweeted, adding, “Same.”

“@DoveCameron as Rapunzel or i don’t want it,” another fan wrote, to which the Liv and Maddie star replied, “Hahahah. Amazing.”

For those who forgot, Tangled came out back in 2010, and it starred Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi and more. It put a modern twist on the classic story of Rapunzel, and everyone was living for it. According to TheDisneyInsider, there’s no word just yet if the new live-action movie will follow the same story line as Tangled or if it’ll take a new approach to the classic fairy tale — but either way, everyone cannot wait!

This isn’t the only thing that Disney fans have to look forward to. For those who missed it, on February 13, 2020, news hit the web that a live-action sequel to Aladdin was officially in the works! According to Variety, the producers behind the first movie — Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich — have already signed on for the second. It’s still unknown whether director Guy Ritchie will return for the sequel, but producers are reportedly hoping to bring back Will SmithMena Massoud and Naomi Scott!


That’s not all. Disney is also working on a live-action remake of the animated classic Bambi. Plus, the network recently announced the cast of their new Little Mermaid movie, which is expected to hit theaters in late 2021. Halle Berry will star as the mermaid fans know and love, while Jonah Hauer-King is set to play the handsome Prince Eric. Oh, and did we mention that a live-action version of Mulan premiered on March 27, 2020? Wow, the next few years are certainly going to be very Disney-filled, and no one’s complaining.

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